Meaning of SITE in English

I. site 1 S1 W2 AC /saɪt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: Latin situs , from sinere 'to leave, put' ]

1 . a place where something important or interesting happened:

an archaeological site

site of

The house is built on the site of a medieval prison.

the site of the air crash

2 . an area of ground where something is being built or will be built

site of/for

the site of a proposed missile base

a site for a new airport

building/construction site

He managed to get himself a job on a building site.

3 . a place that is used for a particular purpose:

a camping site

site of/for

a nesting site for birds

4 . a ↑ website

5 . on site at the place where people work, study, or stay:

There’s a bar, restaurant, and gym on site.

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COLLOCATIONS (for Meanings 1, 2 & 3)


▪ an archaeological site

Archaeological sites are often discovered by accident.

▪ a historic site

There are numerous historic sites to visit.

▪ an ancient site

The organization maintains and restores ancient sites, castles, monuments etc.

▪ a sacred site (=a place that is important in a religion)

Ayers Rock is the most sacred site of the Aborigines.

▪ a burial site

A Bronze Age burial site has been discovered.

▪ the crash site (=where a plane etc crashed)

Wreckage was seen 200 metres away from the crash site.

▪ a bomb site (=where a bomb has exploded)

the bomb sites of war-torn London

▪ a building/construction site

He has worked on various building sites.

▪ a greenfield site British English (=a piece of land that has never been built on)

We want to shift the balance of housing development from greenfield to brownfield sites.

▪ a brownfield site British English (=a piece of land that has been built on before)

The majority of the houses will be built on brownfield sites.

▪ a camp/camping site

First they had to look for a camp site.

▪ a caravan site BrE:

A well-run caravan site near the river brings holidaymakers into the village.

▪ a landfill site (=where rubbish is buried)

Recycling reduces the volume of waste which goes into landfill sites.

▪ an industrial site (=where factories are)

The area is to be redeveloped as an industrial site.

▪ a missile site

There were photos of a missile site under construction.

▪ a nesting site

Normally the male swan won’t let other swans near his nesting site.

• • •


▪ place a point or area, especially one that you visit or use for a particular purpose:

He’s been to lots of places.


a good meeting place

▪ position the exact place where someone or something is, in relation to other things:

She showed me the position of the village on the map.


I changed the position of the mirror slightly.


Jessica moved to a position where she could see the stage better.

▪ point a particular place on a line or surface:

At this point the path gets narrower.


No cars are allowed beyond this point.

▪ spot a place, especially a particular kind of place, or a place where something happens. Spot sounds rather informal:

She chose a sunny spot.


The area is a favourite spot for windsurfers.


This is the exact spot where I asked her to marry me.

▪ location a place where someone or something is, or where something happens. Location sounds more formal than place :

your exact location


The prisoners were taken to an undisclosed location.


an ideal location for a winter break

▪ site a place, especially one that will be used for a particular purpose, or where something important happened:

the site of a great battle


There are plans to develop the site for housing.


The area has become a dumping site for nuclear waste.

▪ venue a place where something such as a meeting, concert, game etc takes place:

the venue for the next Olympic Games


The hotel is a popular wedding venue.

▪ scene the place where something bad such as an accident or crime happened:

the scene of the crime


Ambulance crews were at the scene within minutes.

▪ setting the place and the area around it, where something is or where something happens:

The hotel is in a beautiful setting.


the setting for the film ‘A Room With a View’


Beautiful gardens provide the perfect setting for outdoor dining.

▪ somewhere used for talking about a place when you are not sure exactly which place:

She came from somewhere in London.

▪ whereabouts the place where someone or something is – used especially when you do not know this or do not want to tell people:

The whereabouts of the painting is unknown.


He refused to disclose his whereabouts.


I’m not sure about her whereabouts.

II. site 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive usually passive]

to place or build something in a particular place

be sited in/on/at/near etc something

Some of this new housing has been sited in inner city areas.

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