Meaning of SITE in English

/ saɪt; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a place where a building, town, etc. was, is or will be located :

the site of a sixteenth century abbey

to work on a building / construction site

A site has been chosen for the new school.

All the materials are on site so that work can start immediately.

➡ note at place


a place where sth has happened or that is used for sth :

the site of the battle

an archaeological site

a camping / caravan site


( computing ) a place on the Internet where a company, an organization, a university, etc. puts information

—see also mirror site , website

■ verb

[ vn + adv. / prep. ] [ often passive ] to build or place sth in a particular position :

There was a meeting to discuss the siting of the new school.

The castle is magnificently sited high up on a cliff.



late Middle English (as a noun): from Anglo-Norman French , or from Latin situs local position. The verb dates from the late 16th cent.

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