Meaning of STATUS in English



inferior status formal (= an inferior position )

As a slave, he was aware of his inferior status.

maintain/preserve/defend the status quo (= not make any changes )

Will the West use its influence to maintain the status quo and not disrupt the flow of oil?

marital status

Marital status: married/single/divorced

status quo

Will the West use its influence to maintain the status quo and not disrupt the flow of oil?

status symbol

A Rolls Royce is seen as a status symbol.




His expulsion is probably more justified in terms of his considerable long-term potential as a spy than in terms of his current status and responsibilities.

A mode is a current status , a condition.

It contains the entry identifiers and information about the current version and status of entries in the Working-Set.

Immunopathology of leprosy granulomas-\#current status: A review.

He knows that the current constitutional status of Kosovo is unsustainable.

The sample is being selected from an earlier survey which examined household structure, work and histories and current employment status .

The dive planning screen is a look-ahead facility showing a selection of depths and no-stop times depending on your current decompression status .

In addition historical information about the current status as well as the automatic processes applied to the text are contained in the history flag fields.


What is striking about crime in Sri Lanka is the relatively high economic and social status of criminals.

She did not have clothes to suit her new, lowly economic status .

The war has accentuated the disparities both in educational level and general economic status between different regions of the country.

It tells us a great deal about class origins and economic status .

Communicating can also be influenced by the economic status of the Local Government group which serves a neighbourhood.

This advocacy of the golden-cheeked warbler endangers the economic status of many people.

As a result, they decided to change their economic status from either unemployment or sickness to early retirement.


Relationships in which the two individuals concerned are of exactly equal status are very unusual.

Does equality have to mean sameness for spouses in order to have equal power and status in our most basic family relationships?

What then of researching known subjects of equal status within your peer group?

Will equal status be given to road and rail investment?

On Nov 1, 13 Moravian and Silesian parties signed a charter demanding equal and independent status within Czechoslovakia.

These two professional bodies continue to the present day, with their members enjoying an equal professional status .

Correspondingly most of the persons in a close network of relationships are of unequal rather than equal status .

We should see our respective institutions as having equal status , and our individual functions as equivalent regardless of grade. 7.


You're not into playing apparent high status .

It is obvious that high socioeconomic status does not insulate children from this particular type of academic failure.

Such legitimation could not be provided by other than a high status firm.

Pip now falls into a snobbish habit of connecting high social status with moral superiority.

And the more people you influence, the higher your status .

In Bristol, often the pressure is to go for high status careers.

The language of rights, legitimate expectations or privileges should not be elevated to any higher status .

It doesn't matter if the woman is older, of higher status or a total stranger.


The change in legal status meant that the couple were deprived of that right.

If his legal status is to be changed, he must rely on the generosity of the citizens.

This identity is partly a legal status , partly a feeling.

The legal status of organisations such as these is analogous to that of a club.

Marshall traced the development of a legal status of citizenship in the United Kingdom through a number of historical stages.

These have a distinct administrative and legal status and traditions.

To translate this new legal status into political action would have required an organised support basis and this did not exist.

Then there is the question of her legal status .


A small part of law work, and that of a very low status , is concerned with the working class.

Conversely, they were punished with a lower standard of living and consequent lower status if they chose to have large ones.

We shall consider two possible causal factors: being female and being in a low status job.

Also, a low socioeconomic status and a suppressed immune system may put women at significantly higher risk.

But, perhaps because everyone does it, teaching has a traditionally low status in the medical world.

They were, however, unable to evade their low social status .

It is a symptom of ageism reflecting the low status of dependent elderly people including those in residential homes.

These quite explicitly linked vocational education with the low status black people were expected to occupy in the social hierarchy.


Among the very elderly, 75 and over, the difference between the marital status of the sexes increases.

Many single women aged eighteen to sixty-five are secure in their marital status .

In Western society an individual's marital status and occupational status are achieved.

California law prohibits housing discrimination based on marital status .

Future trends in marital status Future trends in marital status are subject to some uncertainty.

Discreet inquiries about my marital status were made through colleagues at the paper.

In 1981 there were marked differences in the marital status of men and women in the older age groups.

Household size, marital status , and ethnicity all failed to show a significant influence in the participation model.


Ida Smedley was instrumental in advancing the professional status of university women.

Both Mark and Tracy sacrificed professional status and money for time; neither regrets it.

A society of master chefs was formed to achieve professional status similar to that of doctors or lawyers for its members.

But the effect is constantly to trivialise the engineer's professional status .

Some of the occupational groups which claim professional status lack many of the attributes of professionalism.

They have to understand that it does not diminish their professional authority and status if they share decision-making with the governing body.

But these are no greater than are required to substantiate a claim to professional status .


In social status they varied considerably.

They objected to just about everything about the man-his Anglo ethnicity, social status , and religion, and even his looks.

These operate on the principle of ranking-differences in social status between people.

High Machs are as likely to be found among the underprivileged as those people with high social status .

The education and social status of the minister had risen notably during the century while his income had not.

It was a sign of Low Rent origins, of inferior social status , of poor taste.

What is striking about crime in Sri Lanka is the relatively high economic and social status of criminals.

They maybe the only obvious signs of social status .


It was rare treat, and it helped elevate the film to special status .

Beal maintains victims should be an important part of the process, but says they have no special legal status .

For instance, if there is one other woman engineer she may detract from your special status .

The special status they have is not one which needs grounding or justification.

Recognition of this special status is essential for their continuing to play an important part in their communities.

They had special status and legal protection and there were prescribed penalties for those attacking or injuring them.

This effect is traced inpart to the special status afforded to characters which are introduced through proper names.

They abolished the special status of man as hitherto conceived.



Grossman assumes that the only benefit to increased health status is in income returns in the labour market.

Outcomes are considered the ultimate indicators of quality measuring the actual health status of the client.

Indeed, debates about changes in health status are dominated by the use of traditional health indices such as mortality.

The first step is to establish that linkage between nutrition factors and health status in a systematic way.

Will the extreme gender differences in health status continue?

It involved following the health status and disabilities of a national sample of people for 12 years.

It is accepted that within any given population there are natural variations in health status .

Perceptions of health status One aspect of health status omitted from the previous chapter on morbidity relates to perceived health status.


Najera said Rawa's family has applied for refugee status but no decision has been made.

Ahmed Katangole was due to be deported, the Home Office had refused him refugee status .

We will provide a fair and expeditious system for examining claims for refugee status .

I was fortunate to be granted full refugee status in under a year, this entitled me to bring my family here.

Apparently white farmers are to be offered immediate refugee status , no questions asked.

Mr. Young How many of the boat people have been granted refugee status ?

As numbers rise, a decreasing proportion are found to qualify for refugee status .

Shortly after my interview, Delhi announced that the Karmapa had been granted refugee status .


Horses have to be considered initially as status symbols and later as draught and transport animals as well.

Milky white skin was an upper-class status symbol .

Are status and status symbols really necessary?

This is the big mama of grass revenge, a power cutter and a status symbol .

Individual scores became a status symbol .

New technologies can turn from status symbol to ball and chain overnight.

Clocks thus came to be regarded as status symbols .

Rather, each new office is likely to look much like the rest, with few status symbols attached.


Only about 60 people turned up to a recent candle-lit vigil outside Orsett hospital supposedly a protest against trust status being given.

The hospitals that are the subject of the trust status already offer a record of success.

I have already spelt out in great detail the criteria that I shall apply when considering Foresterhill's application for trust status .

Some hospitals south of the border already have trust status .

Powys health unit has been invited to prepare an application for trust status in April 1993.

Those are some of the improvements that can be looked forward to at South Ayrshire under trust status .

They recognise the advantages that will flow from trust status .

Does the hon. Gentleman really want to set his face against the improvements that trust status could deliver?



More controversially, the Crown for certain unpaid taxes and other levies is also accorded the status of preferential creditor.

The development team, recognizable by their custom-made royal-blue bowling shirts, were accorded celebrity status .

In Western art the artist is accorded the status of some one endowed with particular sensitivities and vision.

Parents are accorded a totally new status in the 1958 Bill.

That the subject was in fact normally accorded Cinderella status mattered little to the many who objected to its being there at all.

The point at which a useful and necessary practice is accorded the status of a constitutional convention is not clear.

A trade accord was signed in which each country accorded the other most-favoured-nation status .

On the one hand, it accords no special status to police findings or to the police file.


A society of master chefs was formed to achieve professional status similar to that of doctors or lawyers for its members.

He saw the company achieve its current status of international acclaim.

Stalin, let alone Mao, has never achieved remotely comparable diabolic status .

In 1966 Ford introduced its first Bronco model, a bare-bones brute that has achieved collector status .

Digital Typography has achieved such status , Hypermedia is following.

After he achieved celebrity status through Dynasty he took to visiting hospitals and rehabilitation centres warning youngsters of the dangers of drugs.

In 1949 the College achieved full status as an integral school of the university.

What percentage of schools in Hampshire will have to achieve grant-maintained status for the local education authority to become redundant?


Bezannes From no specific mention in the échelle this growth acquired premier cru status in 1985.

Affirmation depends on negation: white is valued at the expense of black; youth acquires status through the devaluation of ageing.

These days the practice of story-telling is so rare that it has acquired the status of an art form.

You first have to acquire non-resident status .

But for most retirees, acquiring unconditional non-resident status can take up to three years.

During the period of the Tudor monarchs in the sixteenth century, Parliament acquired enhanced status .

Some women have acquired status as heroines.

But Kampuchea failed to acquire this status .


But if you are close to these ages and not currently contracted out it may not be worth changing your status .

Each has the right to change its status in this respect, subject to relevant agreements and procedures.

Building societies were converting into banks, insurance companies were changing their status , the air was thick with windfalls.

To argue against changing the status quo, which everybody knows compromises democracy, is a terribly pessimistic position.

If it is given, it will change his status among them.

In the name of humanity and self-interest, we ought to be working to change their status to legal.

This also automatically changes the status to Accepted.

The introduction of the National Curriculum has changed the status of this equipment.


Such jobs enjoy a higher status and may be considered more popular and glamorous than others.

The other trainees enjoyed the status of almost free men.

At present, only 2 percent of the country's forests enjoy any protected status .

Nonprofit hospitals enjoy tax-exempt status in exchange for meeting such community needs.

Anglican priests once enjoyed the status of country squires.

In 1977, only 85 people enjoyed this fortunate tax status .

Spinsters and widows enjoyed the legal status of femme sole in which they had control of their own affairs.

True, the movie enjoyed a brief cult status .


They both knew what Mrs Diamond had said, but neither proposed to give it the status open discussion would confer.

N., the national agencies held veto power, giving them a privileged status befitting their clout and status.

This gave married women independent status as taxpayers, i.e. they could control their own tax affairs.

Woodward and Bernstein had already given journalism glamour and status with the Watergate story.

In 1988, they were given National Park status by a special Act of Parliament.

The anytime / anyplace business world leaves those whose position in the old hierarchy gave them status and power upset and uneasy.

I have noted your suggestion that the countryside which surrounds Queensferry should be given Green Belt status .

In fact, genetics gives the science a status it once lacked.


Following an agreement with the St Lucian government, electronic equipment and chandlery have been granted duty-free status .

The judge has not yet granted class-action status .

I was fortunate to be granted full refugee status in under a year, this entitled me to bring my family here.

I would be on trial for the first year, and if I did okay, I would be granted regular status .

In the following year the Institute was granted Technical College status .

Again, the Orphics were among the first to raise the question of evil and to grant it mythological status .

Mr. Young How many of the boat people have been granted refugee status ?

Bush on Nov. 9 had signed a congressional resolution granting Czechoslovakia most-favoured-nation trading status .


The channel has lost its amateur status and become a grown-up, professional outfit.

The instant they acquire a seventy sixth shareholder, they lose their status as S corporations.

They are in danger of losing their spectator status .

Public lands returned to original owners in the name of environmental justice will not necessarily lose their conservation status .

If the truth about Kalu were to be known, they would lose their status in the village.

Elsewhere, churches seem to have lost their status and gone out of use.

Those who were Protestant lost patience, status , or, in some cases, limb and life.


Despite these disadvantages, many older people have been able to maintain their social status by remaining active, alert and healthy.

These will include maintaining the status quo, retaining hunting with new restrictions, a partial ban, and a total ban.

Egocentrism acts to maintain the structural status quo.

But this is a result of those at the top of the hierarchy maintaining their status amongst their subordinates.

True reconciliation, however, means anything but maintaining the status quo.

We want to maintain our sense of status .

Between 1877 and 1900 the Constitution and statutes drafted by the Republicans were circumvented or utilized to maintain the racial status quo.


During these times it was the unchristian practice of most priests to preserve the status quo by backing the king and nobles.

To compensate, and, anxious to preserve his patriarchal status , he may become querulous and demanding instead.


Taking a friend aside and sharing your views afterwards may be safer, but it won't raise your status .

The kind of dependence that marriage creates between adult spouses raises substantive questions of status and power.

We saw the goal of feminist socialists as raising the status of women and to include them in the share-out.

It raises the status , and esteem of the children.

This raises the status of the ticket in the public's mind.

Meetings Meetings provide good opportunities to practise persuasion and to raise your status among subordinates, peers and bosses.


the status quo


Both sides are arguing over the future status of the disputed city.

By accepting the prize money, Wilkerson will probably lose his amateur status .

In many cultures, children remain the major source of status for women.

In the Middle Ages, priests and other religious figures had a very high status .

Many mothers feel that they have very low status in today's society.

Now that he was a bank manager, he wanted a car that would reflect his status .

She gained celebrity status with her publication of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking."

The latest mobile phones have become status symbols among teenagers.

The tribe buried their dead with ornaments or tools that showed the dead person's status .


But this is a result of those at the top of the hierarchy maintaining their status amongst their subordinates.

Gingrich was both passionate and adamant about what needed to be done to push the party toward majority status .

Outcomes are considered the ultimate indicators of quality measuring the actual health status of the client.

That the subject was in fact normally accorded Cinderella status mattered little to the many who objected to its being there at all.

These positions were not held for his own status but to promote the cause of rowing where it needed clout.

We are both exalted and fallen at the same time: sinful and yet given unique status in the universe of things.

Women remain severely oppressed and see their status primarily in terms of children.

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