Meaning of STATUS in English

/ ˈsteɪtəs; NAmE ; NAmE also ˈstætəs/ noun [ usually sing. ]


[ U , C ] the legal position of a person, group or country :

They were granted refugee status.

The party was denied legal status.


[ U , C , usually sing. ] the social or professional position of sb/sth in relation to others :

low status jobs

to have a high social status

Women are only asking to be given equal status with men.

She achieved celebrity status overnight.


[ U ] high rank or social position :

The job brings with it status and a high income.


[ U , C , usually sing. ] the level of importance that is given to sth :

the high status accorded to science in our culture


[ U ] the situation at a particular time during a process :

What is the current status of our application for funds?



late 18th cent. (as a legal term meaning legal standing ): from Latin , literally standing , from stare to stand.

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