Meaning of STITCH in English


I. noun


chain stitch




First choose a pattern that is the design you want and in plain stocking stitch .

The evening cape illustrated in Figure 1 is straight piece of knitting, using 16 rows each of purl and plain stitches .

You will find that you have cables between six plain stocking stitch strips.

The squares of cable patterns can also be used attractively with squares of plain stocking stitch placed alternately.



The leaves and stems are in simple chain stitch .


Knit them at a stitch size as low as the machine will comfortably knit.

If you use a ribbing attachment, again, knit at the lowest stitch size .

Knit three to four rows on ribber bed only, increasing stitch size by two dots on each row.

Knit the same number of rows as knitted on the ribber, increasing stitch size by two dots on each row.

Both ribs were knitted at the same stitch size over the same number of needles.

Set the lock to N.N and increase the stitch size .

The hat can be knitted in almost any yarn which will knit at the given stitch size in half Fisherman's rib.


Fig. 2 shows the same design used for Fig. 1, knitted in multicolour slip stitch .

A range of very attractive effects can be achieved using slip stitch and changing colour less frequently.

In the April issue, I explored the use of basic slip stitch designs for knitting fabrics.

Even the simpler types, such as circular, or tubular, knitting is again a slip stitch .

The finished effect is a knitted tube, the basis is a slip stitch technique.

I imagine this is why the manual advises against using the double-length switch with tuck and slip stitch .

Another variation of basic slip stitch uses tuck and slip on alternate rows.

I have found it better to sue a tension setting one dot higher for the slip stitch part.


Above we have a neat little cable pattern that is useful as a simple interruption of stocking stitch along a complete garment.

Knit a hem in the usual way in stocking stitch ending with the carriage at the right.

If a warm fabric is needed, it is usually better to use narrow stripes of stocking stitch separating bands of weaving.

If you have the body of a sweater in cable strips you might leave the sleeves in stocking stitch .

Knit two rows of stocking stitch between transfers.

First choose a pattern that is the design you want and in plain stocking stitch .

Transfer alternate stitches and knit two rows of stocking stitch throughout, always transferring in the same direction.

You will find that you have cables between six plain stocking stitch strips.


The first time I came across the problem I was knitting a tuck stitch sweater.

You can also create a lovely effect by using tuck stitch with plating.

Or you could try the simple tuck stitch pattern from the photographed card.

Pattern No. 12-36 knitted as tuck stitch with the No. 3 switch on.

It is possible to knit this stitch on Brother machines because there are two buttons for slip and tuck stitch.

For a full needle tuck stitch garment then you can choose between a full needle rib or a 2x1 setting.

It can be used for stocking stitch , tuck stitch or jacquard.

There are some basic rules for tuck stitch .



Using an Aran weight yarn cast on about 60 stitches .

Once you have cast off several stitches , move the weight, so that it is actually hanging on the cast off edge.


Tuck stitch has a tendency to drop stitches and the tuck brushes are there to prevent this.

But I drop stitches , I find.


If you use a ribbing attachment, again, knit at the lowest stitch size.

In this situation I knit the joining rows by hand, making sure on the final row to knit using large stitches .

Next row: Knit the first two stitches of the row together.

So how do you use these sections? Knit section one as stitch pattern A. Call stitch pattern B from the console.

Now knit the next four stitches in the ordinary way.

By medium thickness, I mean a yarn that knits stocking stitch at tension four to six on your machine.

Knit together the first two stitches but only knit three stitches before you do the next knit two together.

Cast off stitches 2,3,4, and 5. Knit stitch 6 by hand.


Kelly needed five stitches in his head as a result and was kept in hospital for three days.

He was badly shaken and needed nine stitches in a head injury.

One of the youths slashed him across the nose and he needed eight stitches in the wound.

Anthony Jones needed 100 stitches to his face, arm and leg.

Work out how many buttonholes you need , allowing three stitches at each end of the band. 5.

He was hospitalised and needed 28 stitches to a leg wound.

Police said the severely-shocked horse suffered three deep wounds which needed stitches .


He lost four pints of blood and required 17 stitches .

His son required hundreds of stitches .

He suffered a broken leg, a displaced ankle and lacerations to his head which required five stitches .

Steve's left ear was half-severed and he required more than 250 stitches in a 5-hour operation.


Now that punchcards exist it is quicker and less troublesome to let your lace carriage transfer the stitch for you.

Again cast on in full needle rib then transfer the stitches according to the diagram.

After knitting the welt, transfer all the stitches to the main bed.

The lace carriage is going to transfer the selected stitches and the main carriage is going to knit them.

Crossing chunky needles to transfer stitches just isn't possible.

If you try to move the carriage too lightly or too quickly you might not transfer the stitches firmly enough.

As before this simply tells you in which direction to move the lace carriage to transfer the selected stitches .


drop a stitch

But I drop stitches, I find.

Tuck stitch has a tendency to drop stitches and the tuck brushes are there to prevent this.


After jogging about a mile, I suddenly got a stitch in my side.

Sandstrom needed 10 stitches to close a cut on his forehead.

The seam of the shirt was straight and the stitches tight and regular.


After the last stitch of the row, bring the needle up through the stitch above.

Most start with a welt and then change to the main stitch and there may even be some shaping to do.

Picture by Brendan O'Sullivan Few of us get through childhood without a broken bone or a few stitches.

She showed me how to cover the cloth with an embroidery stitch which finally created a small, neat, round button.

The Toronto Sun reported that she received two stitches, but neither the Rangers nor the hospital would confirm that.

This allowed four stitches between hedgehogs if they were knitted as a band or series of bands on a sweater.

II. verb


Considering the arduous nature of their work, these require darning and stitching all too often.

Finally I used five centimetres of narrow lace which I gathered and stitched around the neck to form a collar.

Instead of stitching the bora along the horizontal, he had stitched it along the vertical.

Nick's wounds were decoratively stitched.

Repetitive tasks, whether sorting coupons, stitching fabric or entering data, wear most workers toward early retirement.

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