Meaning of TANK in English

I. noun


a fish tank (= for keeping fish indoors, usually as pets )

The filter in his fish tank made a quiet humming noise.

a fuel tank (= a container for storing fuel )

The fuel tank holds 14 gallons of petrol.

a tankful/tank of petrol (= the amount of petrol that you need to fill up a car )

He bought a tankful of petrol.

drunk tank

flotation tank

right-wing/liberal/economic etc think tank

a leading member of a Tory think tank

septic tank

tank top

tanked up

He went down the pub and got tanked up.

the petrol tank (= the part of a car where you put the petrol )

The petrol tank was nearly empty.

think tank

a leading member of a Tory think tank




Once empty the external tank is jettisoned and will bum up in the atmosphere.

The crane supports the orbiter while it is bolted to the external tank .

The external tank is connected to the orbiter at three places.

Note that on the early flights the external tank was painted to match the orbiter.

As each external tank is only used once, a new one must be supplied from the manufacturers for every launch.


The fish within a typical marine community tank fish collection are also likely to exhibit a wide range of feeding modes.

Their range of frozen foods is supplemented with vitamins, and suitable for marine and freshwater tanks .

Simply keep them in a separate freshwater container and add to the marine tank as necessary for food.

Losses are not normal Please would you advise me regarding my marine tank , which is fairly new.

This means there may be traces of metal in it and caution is advised before using it in marine tanks .

If this is your first marine tank , I would not consider sensitive butterfly fish, or coral invertebrates.


At the end of each barracks were latrines, which, like all in the prison, drained into septic tanks .

It was just a septic tank .

A burst septic tank is believed to have triggered the landslide.

It was in virgin wilderness up north where septic tanks are forbidden.

The use of septic tanks or cesspools may have a significant impact on maximum permissible density of dwellings per hectare.

Everywhere, it was like an over-flowing septic tank or something rotting.

This system is used with a septic tank and soakaway if space is available.

Are plot sizes large enough for septic tanks and soakaways?



There was a fish tank and a heap of magazines.

Artificial aeration sometimes permits, unfortunately, the overcrowding of the fish tank .

It is easy to see why the Angelfish makes such a popular addition to a community fish tank .

He opened up the lid of what must have been a fish tank holding their live catch.

Trying to escape him was about as feasible as trying to escape a very big shark in a very small fish tank .

A good home for the caterpillars is a fish tank .

Your best bet is to let the insurance company know that you have a fish tank before you take out a policy.

The large fish tank is set into the back wall most tastefully.


A 34 gallon fuel tank was placed below the cabin floor.

But Columbia lacked at least 450 pounds of propellant in its forward and aft fuel tanks for the task.

If there was a spare fuel tank she didn't know about it.

Also on the small side is the 14-gallon fuel tank .

Back home, the back seat was replaced with an eighty litres fuel tank .

Both versions have the same size fuel tank , which, at 14. 5 gallons, is on the small side.

He wandered around until he was under the enormous swelling bulk of the fuel tank .

We then start to accumulate liquid hydrogen in an empty fuel tank .


This will also entail moving the gas tanks which feed over 200 point heaters in the station throat.

Others squeeze their bodies into gas tanks .

Then fill up the gas tank .

Find something to eat and fill up the gas tank and see what the day brought.


Then she groped at her shoulder to where the oxygen tank was moulded around her triceps.

I ran my hand over the huge jars lined up like oxygen tanks on the kitchen counters against the walls.

Unfortunately there was a problem with the oxygen tank that was not discovered until the countdown test.

A close inspection reveals that in a past life they were oxygen tanks .

The tiny oxygen tank on his back was uncomfortable but deemed necessary in case the mist became too choking.

In the meantime, he wandered the streets, wheeling an oxygen tank he needed to treat his emphysema, Ewing said.

But oxygen tanks fuelled the flames.

The tank that eventually found itself as oxygen tank 2 on Apollo 13 started its life in Apollo 10.


Here, the turtle-back fairings over the 65-gallon petrol tanks can be clearly seen.

It sounds mean as hell; you can feel the engine resonating through the petrol tank when the bike is stationary.

Adam crawled out of the Audi, grabbed Billie and ran with her before the petrol tanks exploded.

The tyres went and the petrol tank ignited.

He refilled the petrol tank from Mario's jerrican, and after another ten minutes or so was ready to drive on.

Can't you put sugar in his petrol tank or something?

The reports state its petrol tank had been holed.

The survivors of Lampard's patrol ate dates, sipped water, cleaned weapons, filled petrol tanks and treated the wounded.


He was welding on top of a 900 ton oil storage tank which exploded, hurling him 120 feet into a wall.

The districts, whose three large storage tanks hold 51 million gallons, used about 23 million gallons a day last May.

As with the service propulsion system, the propellants were force-fed to the engine by pressurized helium from a storage tank .

The puff signals nearby storage tanks of calcium.

And the office building was next to the storage tank .

The gasoline additive had leaked from underground storage tanks at a Navy gas station.

That was before we installed the eight thousand gallon water storage tank , which Health and Safety thought could drown a child.

It put both the ammonia storage tank and the transmission line underground.


Not all tax credits are actually credits, says independent think tank , the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The think tank said that 180,000 jobs had been lost in Labour's first three years.

This assertion is made in a new report by the Washington-based think tank , Resources for the Future.

Larry Madden, founder of a liturgical think tank .

Often, departing high-level administration types go teach dry government courses or submerge themselves in think tanks .


I take off my jumper and stand in my tank top , sipping a whiskey I have been bought.

She wore a red tank top , black jeans, high white sneakers.

Really he's an indoors guy, nightclubs and double brandies and impressing chicks in tank tops with sloppy eyes.

Pictures of Western women in tank tops , short-shorts, and tights also attracted the attention of local photographers.

It looked great for about ten minutes but now it's as pertinent as the tank top .

Consider the image of the Mona Lisa on a tank top .

Cindy's loose hair and sporty tank top are used to suggest a late twentieth-century femininity which is supposedly more liberated.

Heck, I wear tank tops and shorts all the time.


My brackish water tank is built into a wall.

My own little room, a hundred yards from the house, had for its roof a water tank .

To lighten it, a water tank had to be emptied.

An aging water tank rises above the sheds that shelter the sheep from rain and the sweltering summer sun.

It comprised a platform raised on baulks above the truck on which was mounted a rectangular water tank .

He pulled the chain that hung down from the water tank .

Water Hygiene and Ventilation - the specialised cleaning service for industrial and commercial ventilation systems, water tanks and cooling towers.

She filled the water tanks , fed the animals.



But you couldn't feel smug about filling up your tank with unleaded while all that was going on.

At the pole, we fill the tanks with 400 tons of water and 700 tons of hydrogen and oxygen.

To operate, always fill the water tank while the machine is disconnected from the mains socket.

Then fill up the gas tank .

There were plenty more to fill your tank to the one inch to two gallons stocking ratio recommended.

Find something to eat and fill up the gas tank and see what the day brought.

These dutiful wives will stoke their boilers, fill their tanks to keep them running.

The problem is filling the antimatter tanks without annihilating them.


The hot water tank is leaking.


Anti-static absorbent cloths are available for use with tank cleaning preparations, and Quick Wipes for tank interiors.

He opened up the lid of what must have been a fish tank holding their live catch.

In smaller tanks it is useful in corners and in larger tanks as a center piece.

Its creeping stock branches very quickly and rapidly make a thick green carpet completely covering the bottom of the tank .

My brackish water tank is built into a wall.

Only then could the swop, from one tank to another, take place.

Other options include 150-gallon fuel tanks, a nod to the thirst of the Shamu-size vehicles.

She had never seen a tank close to.

II. verb




We know that the forward part of the fuel tank failed.


Car buying tanked as Saturn's first car rolled off the assembly line.


But I was still getting hired to do movies, even though the films all appeared to be tanking.

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