Meaning of TANK in English

I. ˈtaŋk, -aiŋk noun

( -s )

Etymology: Portuguese tanque, short for estanque, from estancar to stop a flow, dam, stanch, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin stanticare to cause to stand, stanch — more at stanch


a. India : a pool of water : lake , reservoir

b. dialect : a small lake : pond , pool ; especially : a pond built as a water supply

c. : a basin where experimental models of ships are tested

submarine tank


a. : a usually large artificial receptacle used for holding, transporting, or storing liquids

gasoline tank

fish tank

oil tank

b. : a compartment in a ship for holding water, oil, or liquids

c. : a container in or attached to an airplane for carrying fuel ; especially : one that is auxiliary or droppable and used to increase range or to carry napalm


[so called from the fact that during its originally secret manufacture in England the hull was referred to as a water tank]

: a full-track enclosed armored vehicle that usually mounts a cannon and automatic weapons and has excellent cross-country mobility, armor protection, fire power, and the capability of shock action — compare armored car

4. : tank furnace

5. : a container for a photographic solution

6. : a congregate prison cell or enclosure used especially for receiving prisoners

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to subject to some operation in a tank ; specifically : to treat (as animal refuse) in a closed tank with steam and hot water to extract fat

2. : to cause to flow into a tank : store in a tank

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: imitative

dialect chiefly England : knock , hit , bang

IV. ˈtäŋk noun

( plural tank )

Etymology: Hindi ṭā̃k, from Sanskrit ṭaṅka stamped coin

: an Indian unit of weight for pearls equal to about 0.15 ounce

V. noun

: tank top herein

VI. transitive verb

: to make no effort to win : lose intentionally

tanked the match

intransitive verb

1. : to lose intentionally : give up in competition

2. : bomb herein

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