Meaning of TERMINAL in English


I. adjective


air terminal

Terminal 5

terminal (= causing death eventually, and not possible to cure )

At that point the illness was thought to be terminal.




This rich, high-caste woman had had terminal cancer .

The novelist Ann Lamott tells a story about going shopping with a friend who was in the late stages of terminal cancer .

Discussion Our results suggest that oxygen supplementation decreased the intensity of dyspnoea in patients with terminal cancer .

In a study of terminal cancer patients, the positive response was even higher.

However, in patients with terminal cancer the normal cause of dyspnoea is restrictive pulmonary failure.

For the last week he's been in a hospice with terminal cancer .


Mrs Holloway says that she's sad that a once great industry now seems to be in terminal decline .

Beyond electoral matters, there was growing belief that, for long-term sociological and historical reasons, Labour was in terminal decline .

Those are not the statistics of an industry in terminal decline .

But it does happen, and I venture to suggest should happen wherever there is apparently terminal decline .

This is more than can be said for the ever-decreasing Daily Mirror and Daily Express, both in terminal decline .

That third-world economy with a super-power arsenal could be in terminal decline .

After appearing to be in terminal decline the monarchy is back in business.

It is important to emphasise that older people should not be regarded enmasse as ill, frail or in terminal decline .


Charles took on Diana's mantle speaking on terminal illness , while she prepared to tread the world stage.

Her terrible, inexplicable terminal illness .

How would you feel, say, if you had an incurable disease, or a terminal illness ?

Being somewhat overweight is not a serious health problem, and obesity is not a terminal illness .

Ideally, some one with a terminal illness should at least have the right to work part-time as long as they are able.

We feel like a patient with a possible terminal illness that no one will tell the results of the tests.

At present, patients are prevented from receiving the benefit for the first six months of a terminal illness .

Patient E16 had only been in hospital once, three years before his terminal illness .


terminal buds

Is the disease terminal ?

Many of the patients are in the terminal stages of the disease.

She was recently told she has terminal cancer.

St Helen's Hospice cares for people with terminal illnesses.

Two years ago, his mother developed terminal cancer.


Fremont Elementary was old and soiled, waiting for terminal erosion like the bits of tire debris that trucks leave on freeways.

Ideally, some one with a terminal illness should at least have the right to work part-time as long as they are able.

Networks that exhibit the same terminal behaviour as some device, system or more complicated network are naturally known as equivalent circuits.

One of these, designated B9, was expressed sparsely in terminal placenta and with varying levels in most other tissues.

Other proposals concern the carry-back of unrelieved charges on income, and the carry-forward of terminal losses against income by individuals.

Stopping it or even pausing it would have caused terminal embarrassment for everyone involved.

II. noun




During that time, passengers will have to cross to a new international terminal at Waterloo.

Most of the route will be elevated, with two stations serving the international and domestic terminals .

As posters go up in hotel lobbies and banners are hung in the international airport terminals , crowds are a foregone conclusion.


Polarity Each battery has a positive and negative terminal .

Under no circumstances make the connection to the negative battery terminal !

The negative terminal is called the cathode and the positive is the anode.


Operation of the dot key earthed the battery positive terminal , putting a negative potential on the signalling capacitor.

Polarity Each battery has a positive and negative terminal .



Harmondsworth detention centre is in an arid wasteland of motorways and outposts of the air terminals past Heathrow airport.


I also have to make sure when the passengers come into the airport terminal they are entering a clean, well-presented environment.

In exactly thirty-five minutes, I want you to leave and go to the airport terminal .

Laura's normally sparkling blue eyes were cloudy and dull as their car approached the airport terminal .

A second airport terminal was opened in 1990 and there are plans to reclaim more land for a third and a fourth.

As posters go up in hotel lobbies and banners are hung in the international airport terminals , crowds are a foregone conclusion.


Hotel St Raphael A superior first-class hotel close to the airport bus terminal .

After she had rolled the empty barrels back into the garage, she went inside and called the bus terminal .

The east shore of the bay had no airport landing strip, no railhead, no long-distance bus terminal .


Girls now sat at the computer terminals , tapping intermittently with glum looks on their faces.

In the 19905, I believe that about half of the work force will use computer terminals each day.

He stared in disgust at his computer terminal , praying for enlightenment which refused to come.

I kept a computer terminal in my office.

Calls can be made, answered and transferred directly from the computer terminal .

The wires provided the power for the computer terminals and telephones of the bond trading room.

The new system uses bulky counter-top computer terminals , installed in a selection of shops, to monitor record sales.

In the works is an Internet Cafe for the restaurant where computer terminals would link members to the Internet and e-mail.


The other £3 million was spent on the three ferry terminals .

Courtesy coaches run between Dunkirk's ferry terminal , town centre and hypermarket.

To date £6.7 million has been spent on two incomplete ferry terminals at Gills Bay and Burwick.


A free shuttle bus runs between the airport terminal and the train station.


AlterNet service also sells a full range of equipment used for the Internet connections: modems, routers, and terminal servers.

But one terminal , in what Jurkowsky called an oversight, was not purged.

His name has appeared on billboards, television and radio stations, computer terminals and a Johns Hopkins research building.

Jessamyn left the dead woman with her face in her terminal , and climbed on to the top of the command module.

Many antidepressants just slow down the reuptake of the neurotransmitter into the presynaptic terminal .

Without the King's Cross terminal , there may be real problems.

Workers who once did strenuous manual labour picking wood for the grinders now sit at computer terminals.

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