Meaning of VACANCY in English




fill a post/position/vacancy etc

Women fill 35% of senior management positions.

Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, the vacancy has already been filled.

The UK should find another weapon to fill the same role .




That compares with 13,221 unemployed claimants and 241 unfilled vacancies in January 1987.

The teaching unions estimate there are some 10,000 unfilled vacancies .

We already have a shortage of science teachers: the Royal Society estimates at least 400 unfilled vacancies in 1981.

Careers offices now hold a stock of 197 unfilled vacancies , compared with the 160 jobs on offer in February.

How can we be sure that employers don't use Work Experience to cover for unfilled vacancies ?



General manager Michael Prendergast said he was amazed at the response to the job vacancies .

They were to be established in all districts, financed by the Treasury, and would publish information about job vacancies .

Even so, by 1987, the Sinfield and Fraser estimate shows an overall ratio of eighteen unemployed to every job vacancy .

Beaver has agreements with 15 recruitment agencies for 200 job vacancies that several companies are trying to fill.

The 1,500,000 job vacancies were mostly in undesirable jobs or areas.

The best paper for job vacancies is the Sunday issue of Berlingske Tidende.

This newspaper contains many helpful hints on job seeking as well as lots of varied and interesting job vacancies .

But green shoots were reported to be visible in job vacancy trends.


Royal College of Nursing figures show that the three-month vacancy rate has risen by 30 % in the southeast.

A huge demands for apartments pushed vacancy rates down to the 1 to 2 percent level.

But then I had to move to San Francisco, a market touting a less than one percent vacancy rate .

In the San Diego metropolitan area, the vacancy rate is estimated to be about 10. 5 percent, Phillips said.



Bogus jobs line threat DIAL-A-JOB firms advertising bogus vacancies could soon be outlawed.

Advertised vacancies Go through advertised vacancies in local, regional and national papers and professional journals with a fine-tooth comb!

He's allowed his pub the Red Lion in Northleach, to advertise vacancies supplied by the jobcentre.


These are the course which will fill their vacancies rapidly.

In fact, many teachers have left private preschool jobs to help fill the vacancies in primary-grade classrooms.

The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy occurring in the office of Auditor during the year. 10.

No wonder, then, that so many candidates are competing to fill the vacancy in DeKalb.

He fills a vacancy created by the recent resignation of James White, 56 years old and former vice chairman.

Then another image began to fill the vacancy .

Then, too, the band or orchestra directors may encourage kids to fill certain vacancies in the ensembles.


A vacancy exists for an import/export sales manager at our Paris office.

Barnhart will fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission.

I'm sorry, the firm has no vacancies at the moment.

Skilled workers are few, and employers are having trouble filling vacancies.

The hotel had hung out its "No vacancy " sign.

There are over 3 million people unemployed and only 400,000 vacancies.

There might be some vacancies at the hospital.


A huge demands for apartments pushed vacancy rates down to the 1 to 2 percent level.

However, management will be aware that vacancies will arise in the ensuing months.

Mr Tomlinson will comment on school vacancies in his next annual report, due early next year.

The industrial tribunal had not identified a suitable alternative vacancy .

The number of deputy headship vacancies also rose, from 2,132 to 2,417.

There is one vacancy , on the San Francisco Peninsula, which may be filled in March.

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