Meaning of WEST in English






Miami, 83 and 70; Key West , 82 and 74.

The airline began in 1927 flying mail between Key West , Fla., and Havana.

There was not much discussion aboard Marine One on the flight back to Key West that afternoon.


The lawless days of the Old West ?

If there had been horses instead of Jeeps, it would have looked like an Old West town.

The principle of copyright remains sound, but invoking it in cyberspace may be like invoking trespass laws in the Old West .

The fast-draw street duel is only one of many myths that grew out of the Old West .

Tombstone is loaded with Old West history.

No Old West gallows like they still use in four states, including Delaware.

They had them in the Old West .


Finally my father found her a new apartment in a project on the Upper West Side.

He was for ever wandering off campus and into the streets of the Upper West Side.

Without delay we sped by cab to his cooperative apartment on the Upper West Side.

But my commute these days-just downtown from the Upper West Side-is so great that I hate to see it end.


Mickey is in love with the Wild West .

Those years are what people mean when they talk about the Wild West .

We are in a saloon-style house chock full of Wild West memorabilia.

One of my other favorite games was playing outlaw, riding the range on the Wild West frontier.

More Old South than Wild West .

But through the news media, Arpaio has managed to recast the image of county jailer into that of Wild West sheriff.



The policemen died at the Beitunia outpost, near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Initial estimates put turnout at more than 70 percent in Gaza, lower in the West Bank .

Within the West Bank and Gaza, the cell has been deployed to punish suspected collaborators, or those suspected of corruption.

The others, in Nablus, have kept Arab ways, language and dress of their neighbors on the West Bank .

Over the weekend the army stepped up patrols across the West Bank and Gaza and placed armour at most road junctions.

When it seals the borders, as it frequently does, even travel between the West Bank and Gaza becomes impossible.


They were having a drink before a night out in the West End .

This production flaunts a major advantage the National has over traditional West End theaters, with their proscenium stages.

Television and the boulevard drama of the West End and Chichester were her haunts in the 1980s and 90s.

We walk on through two small clusters of cottages, the East End and the West End.

After Star Wars he appeared in just two West End plays.

Audiences, despite the rejuvenation in the West End , are gradually growing older.

On his travels in the West End for the turkey he ran into a woman and child in distress.

But it was a mark of Gielgud's essential seriousness that he did not succumb to the shallowness of the West End .


Walsall Hospitals trust in the West Midlands has the highest.

A similar approach is needed when addressing the problems of car-dependent regions like the West Midlands .

Department of Trade and Industry investigators have handed their files on the case to West Midlands police.

And detectives arrested the farm labourer at dawn yesterday at his home in Solihull, West Midlands .

We spotted the system in action in Birmingham, where it is being tested by the West Midlands force.


While the hostages were being secured, two Chinook helicopters fought to keep the West Side Boys at bay.

And the famous Twenty-fourth Ward on the West Side delivered itself 18, 300 to 1, 500.

He was for ever wandering off campus and into the streets of the Upper West Side .

The concerts were not held at the Apollo but at a West Side theater of similar age.

In the early 1980s two major developments were planned for the unexploited airspaces of the West Side .


Beyond the glittering street was darkness, and beyond the darkness the West .

Do we have any such teaching in the West ?

Garnett comes swooping down from somewhere out of the West Maui Mountains to reject the shot.

Meanwhile, the status of Mr Milosevic likely will become a test case for relations with the West .

Ralph Castaneda, a West exercise rider and friend of the owners, recommended his boss.

The attackers' car drove off in the direction of the West Bank town of Ramallah.

The end of the Wall gives a powerful impetus for new security thinking, which the West would be foolish to ignore.

What people wanted was food in the shops and a slice of the materialist cake they saw being gobbled in the West .

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