Meaning of AERIAL in English

I. aer ‧ i ‧ al 1 /ˈeəriəl $ ˈer-/ BrE AmE adjective [only before noun]

[ Date: 1600-1700 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: aerius , from Greek aerios , from aer ; ⇨ ↑ aerate ]

1 . from a plane:

an aerial attack

aerial photographs

an aerial view of the Three Gorges Dam project

2 . in or moving through the air

II. aerial 2 BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . a piece of equipment for receiving or sending radio or television signals, usually consisting of a piece of metal or wire SYN antenna American English

2 . aerials a sport in which someone goes down a mountain on ↑ ski s and performs complicated jumps and turns in the air

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