Meaning of APPARATUS in English

ap ‧ pa ‧ ra ‧ tus /ˌæpəˈreɪtəs $ -ˈræ-/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1600-1700 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: past participle of apparare 'to prepare' , from ad- 'to' + parare 'to prepare' ]

1 . [uncountable] the set of tools and machines that you use for a particular scientific, medical, or technical purpose SYN equipment :

Astronauts have special breathing apparatus.

2 . [countable] the way in which a lot of people are organized to work together to do a job or control a company or country SYN machinery :

The tax will require a massive administrative apparatus.

The state apparatus has become corrupt.

the apparatus of government

• • •


▪ equipment noun [uncountable] the machines, tools, or objects that you use for doing something:

All the camping equipment is in the garage.


You’ll do a better job if you have the right equipment.


We are raising money for equipment for our playgroup.

▪ gear noun [uncountable] informal equipment and clothes for an activity that you do in your spare time:

We loaded all our gear into the boat, and set off to go fishing.


I’ve decided to sell my climbing gear.


camping gear

▪ kit noun [countable] things for a particular purpose or activity, especially ones kept together in their own container:

You’ll find a hammer in my tool kit.


Do you have a first aid kit?


You can buy a special kit for damp-proofing your home.

▪ apparatus noun [uncountable] tools and machines used for scientific, medical, and technical purposes:

This experiment can be performed using the apparatus shown in the diagram.


Astronauts have special breathing apparatus.

▪ stuff noun [uncountable] informal equipment that you use to do something:

The builders have left all their stuff round the back of the house.


Where’s the decorating stuff?

▪ things noun [plural] informal especially British English the equipment or clothes that you need for a particular activity:

She went into the shed where her father kept his gardening things.


They got all the Christmas things out of the loft.

▪ paraphernalia noun [uncountable] written a lot of small things that are used for a particular purpose:

All the paraphernalia for making tea and coffee stood on the bedside table.


The police found drug paraphernalia all over the house.

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