Meaning of APPARATUS in English


ˌapəˈra]d.əs, -ā], ]təs sometimes -ȧ] noun

( plural apparatuses or apparatus )

Etymology: Latin, preparation, equipment, from apparatus, past participle of apparare to prepare, from ad- + parare to make ready — more at pare

1. obsolete : a preparation for action


a. : a collection or set of materials, instruments, appliances, or machinery designed for a particular use

the apparatus of art — Arnold Bennett


(1) : scholarly resources used in the critical study of documents and texts

(2) : fire apparatus

(3) : gymnastic equipment (as parallel bars)

worked out on the apparatus for an hour

b. : any compound instrument or appliance designed for a specific mechanical or chemical action or operation : machinery , mechanism

c. : a system or group of physical organs that unite in a common function

the respiratory apparatus

3. : the complex of instrumentalities and processes by means of which an organization functions or a systematized activity is carried out:

a. : the machinery of government

b. : the organization of a political party or of an underground movement

Synonyms: see equipment , machine

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