Meaning of ARRAY in English

I. ar ‧ ray 1 /əˈreɪ/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . [usually singular] a group of people or things, especially one that is large or impressive

array of

a dazzling array of flowers

a bewildering array of options

a vast/impressive/wide array

There was a vast array of colours to choose from.

2 . technical a set of numbers or signs, or of computer memory units, arranged in lines across or down

II. array 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive usually passive]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: arayer , from Vulgar Latin arredare ]

1 . literary to wear particular clothes, especially clothes of good quality

arrayed in something

She came in arrayed in all her finery.

2 . literary to arrange something in an attractive way

arrayed on something

make-up arrayed on the bathroom counter

3 . formal to put soldiers in position ready to fight

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