Meaning of ARRAY in English

I. əˈrā, aˈ- transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English arayen, arrayen, from Old French areer, arayer, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin arredare to arrange, from Latin ad- + (assumed) Vulgar Latin redare to provide, of Germanic origin; akin to Gothic garaiths arranged — more at ready


a. : to set or place in order : draw up : marshal

time to array his men at the townward wall — A.C.Whitehead

served only to array public sentiment … against the owners — W.J.Ghent

b. : to set or set forth in order (as a jury) for the trial of a cause : call (as a jury) man by man

2. : to clothe or dress especially in splendid or impressive attire : dress up : deck out : adorn

did she not array herself in what seemed unbelievably beautiful clothes — Sherwood Anderson

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English aray, array, from Old French arrai, arroi, aroi order, arrangement, dress, from areer, arayer


a. : a regular and imposing grouping or arrangement : order

tending to place the great geographical interests in hostile array — U.B.Phillips

b. : military order

with horse and chariots ranked in loose array — John Milton


(1) : an orderly listing of jurors impaneled

(2) : jury

d. : a group of individuals or kinds of individuals that has a definite modal point forming a center of variation

an interesting array of halophiles


a. : clothing , attire

clad in white array

b. : rich or beautiful apparel : finery

my silks and fine array — William Blake


a. : the summoning of a military force

b. : a body of soldiers : militia

the rule was established that foreign wars should be conducted by the feudal array — Edward Jenks


a. : an imposing group of company or persons : large number

such an array of attorneys — Sinclair Lewis

b. : an impressive list, series, or group of things : supply , display

it revives the past as no array of facts can do — H.C.Perkins

this rather bewildering array of records and playing equipment — Herbert Kupferberg


a. : a number of mathematical elements arranged in rows and columns

a square determinant array

a rectangular array

b. : a series of statistical observations or data arranged in classes in order of magnitude : a statistical distribution

6. : antenna array

Synonyms: see display

III. transitive verb

: to arrange or display in or as if in an array

the … data are arrayed in descending order — Ed Burnett

IV. noun

1. : an arrangement of computer memory elements in a single plane

2. : a group of elements forming a complete unit

an array of solar cells

3. : a data structure in which similar elements of data are arranged in a table

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