Meaning of DECK in English

I. deck 1 /dek/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Language: Middle Dutch ; Origin: dec 'roof, covering' ]


a) the outside top level of a ship that you can walk or sit on:

Let’s go up on deck.

above/below deck

Peter stayed below deck.

b) one of the different levels on a ship

main/passenger/car etc deck

a staircase leading to the passenger deck

2 . ON A BUS, PLANE ETC one of the levels on a bus, plane etc

lower/upper etc deck

I managed to find a seat on the upper deck.

Eddie returned to the flight deck (=the part of an aircraft where the pilot sits) .

⇨ ↑ double-decker (1), ↑ single-decker

3 . AT THE BACK OF A HOUSE American English a wooden floor built out from the back of a house, where you can sit and relax outdoors ⇨ decking :

deck furniture

4 . MUSIC a piece of equipment used for playing music tapes, records etc

cassette/tape/record deck

5 . CARDS a set of playing cards SYN pack British English :

Irene shuffled the deck.

a deck of cards

⇨ all hands on deck at ↑ hand 1 (38), ⇨ clear the decks at ↑ clear 2 (17), ⇨ hit the deck at ↑ hit 1 (17)

• • •


▪ floor one of the levels in a building:

She lives in an apartment on the eighteenth floor.

▪ storey British English , story American English used when saying how many levels a building has:

a five-storey car park


The school is a single storey building.

▪ the ground floor ( also the first floor American English ) the floor of a building that is at ground level:

There is a shop on the ground floor.


The emergency room is on the first floor.

▪ the first floor British English , the second floor American English the floor of a building above the one at ground level:

She lives on the first floor.

▪ deck one of the levels on a ship, bus, or plane:

The Horizon Lounge is on the top deck of the ship.

II. deck 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

[ Sense 1: Date: 1500-1600 ; Language: Dutch ; Origin: dekken 'to cover' ]

[ Sense 2: Date: 1900-2000 ; Origin: ⇨ ↑ deck 1 ]

1 . ( also deck something out ) [usually passive] to decorate something with flowers, flags etc

deck something (out) with something

The street was decked with flags for the royal wedding.

2 . informal to hit someone so hard that they fall over:

Gerry just swung round and decked him.

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