Meaning of DECK in English

[deck] n [ME dekke covering of a ship, fr. (assumed) MD dec covering, prob. fr. MLG vordeck, fr. vordecken to cover, fr. vor- for- + decken to cover; akin to OHG decchen to cover--more at thatch] (1509) 1: a platform in a ship serving usu. as a structural element and forming the floor for its compartments

2: something resembling the deck of a ship: as a: a story or tier of a building b: the roadway of a bridge c: a flat floored roofless area adjoining a house d: the lid of the compartment at the rear of the body of an automobile; also: the compartment e: a layer of clouds 3 a: a pack of playing cards b: a packet of narcotics

4: tape deck -- on deck 1: ready for duty

2: next in line: next in turn

[2]deck vt [D dekken to cover; akin to OHG decchen] (1513) 1 obs: cover

2. a: to clothe elegantly: array "~ed out in furs" b: decorate "~ the halls with boughs of holly --English carol" c: to portray or present with embellishments 3 [[1]deck]: to furnish with or as if with a deck

4. [[1]deck]: to knock down forcibly: floor "~ed him with one punch" syn see adorn

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