Meaning of DECK in English

/ dek; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


the top outside floor of a ship or boat :

I was the only person on deck at that time of night.

As the storm began, everyone disappeared below deck(s) .


one of the floors of a ship or a bus :

the upper / lower / main deck of a ship

We sat on the top deck of the bus.

My cabin is on deck C.

—see also double-decker , flight deck , single-decker


(also ˌdeck of ˈcards ) ( especially NAmE ) = pack


a wooden floor that is built outside the back of a house where you can sit and relax

—picture at house


a part of a sound system that records and/or plays sounds on a disc or tape :

a cassette / tape deck


see clear verb , hand noun , hit verb

■ verb [ vn ]


[ often passive ] deck sb/sth (out) (in / with sth) to decorate sb/sth with sth :

The room was decked out in flowers and balloons.


( informal ) to hit sb very hard so that they fall to the ground



late Middle English : from Middle Dutch dec covering, roof, cloak, dekken to cover. Originally denoting canvas used to make a covering (especially on a ship), the term came to mean the covering itself, later denoting a solid surface serving as roof and floor.

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