Meaning of DOOR in English

I. door 1 S1 W1 /dɔː $ dɔːr/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: duru 'door' and dor 'gate' ]

1 . the large flat piece of wood, glass etc that you move when you go into or out of a building, room, vehicle etc, or when you open a cupboard ⇨ gate :

Could you open the door for me?

The door flew open and Ruth stormed in.

Don’t forget to lock the garage door.

⇨ ↑ fire door , ↑ French doors , ↑ revolving door (1), ↑ sliding door , ↑ stage door , ↑ swing door , ↑ trapdoor

2 . the space made by an open door SYN doorway

in/out (of)/through the door

Rick turned and ran out of the door.

I glanced through the open door.

3 . at the door if someone is at the door, they are waiting for you to open the door of a building so they can come inside:

There’s somebody at the front door.

4 . out of doors outside SYN outdoors :

I prefer working out of doors.

5 . show/see somebody to the door to take someone to the main way out of a building:

My secretary will show you to the door.

6 . two/three etc doors away/down/up used to say how many houses or buildings there are between your house, office etc and another building

two/three etc doors away/down/up from

Patrick lived two doors away from me.

7 . (from) door to door

a) especially British English from one place to another:

How long is the journey, door to door?

b) going to each house in a street or area to sell something, collect money, or ask for votes:

Joe sold vacuum cleaners door to door for years.

⇨ ↑ door-to-door

8 . be on the door to work at the entrance to a theatre, club etc, collecting tickets

9 . shut/close the door on something to make something impossible:

The accident shut the door on her ballet career.

⇨ at death’s door at ↑ death (7), ⇨ behind closed doors at ↑ closed (5), ⇨ get in through the back door at ↑ back door (2), ⇨ lay something at sb’s door at ↑ lay 2 (19), ⇨ ↑ next door , ⇨ open doors (for somebody) at ↑ open 2 (16), ⇨ ↑ open-door policy , ⇨ open the door to something at ↑ open 2 (16), ⇨ show somebody the door at ↑ show 1 (20)

• • •


■ verbs

▪ open/close/shut the door

I opened the door and Dad was standing there.


Can you close the door as you go out?

▪ slam/bang the door (=shut it loudly, usually because you are angry)

He strode from the room, slamming the door behind him.

▪ answer the door (=open it for someone who has knocked or pressed the bell)

Lucy ran downstairs to answer the door.

▪ a door leads somewhere (=used to say what place is on the other side of a door)

This door leads into the garden.

▪ a door opens/closes/shuts

We were still waiting for the train doors to open.

▪ a door slams/bangs (shut) (=shuts loudly)

I heard the front door slam.

▪ a door flies/bursts open (=opens very suddenly and quickly)

Then the door burst open and two men with guns came in.

▪ a door swings open/shut (=moves forward to open or backwards to shut)

The door swung shut behind me.

▪ a door slides open/shut (=moves smoothly to the side or back again)

The lift doors slid open and we got in.

▪ lock/unlock the door

I locked the door and turned out the lights.

▪ bolt the door (=slide a metal bar across to fasten it)

Once inside, he bolted the door.

▪ knock on/at the door (=hit it with your hand to make someone open it)

Who's that knocking at the door?

▪ bang/hammer on the door (=hit it very loudly and urgently)

A policeman was banging on the door across the road.

▪ tap on/at the door (=hit it very gently)

I tapped on the door and opened it.

▪ get the door (=open or close it for someone)

Could you get the door for me?


▪ the front/back/side door (=of a house)

I heard someone knocking at the front door.


Use the back door if your boots are muddy.

▪ the main door (=the door into a building that most people use)

The main door to the hotel is on Queen Street.

▪ the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom etc door

The kitchen door opened and Jake walked in.

▪ the cupboard door British English , the closet door AmE:

Both the cupboard doors were locked.

▪ the fridge/oven door

Steam came out as I opened the oven door.

▪ a car door

She heard a car door slamming.

▪ the passenger door (=for the person in a car who sits beside the driver)

The taxi driver was holding open the passenger door.

▪ a rear door (=a door at the back of a vehicle)

The kids opened the rear doors and climbed in.

■ door + NOUN

▪ a door handle (=that you move up or down to open a door)

Ella reached for the door handle.

▪ a door knob (=that you turn to open a door)

I turned the door knob and went into the room.

▪ a door knocker (=a metal object on a door that you use to knock with)

There was a brass door knocker in the shape of a lion's head.

▪ a door bell (=that you press to make it ring)

Adam walked up the path and rang the door bell.

▪ a door key

She was looking in her bag for her door key.

II. door 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

to hit someone with a car door when they are riding past on a bicycle:

I nearly got doored as I went past the flats in Camden Street.

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