Meaning of EMISSION in English


e ‧ mis ‧ sion /ɪˈmɪʃ ə n/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [countable usually plural] a gas or other substance that is sent into the air:

Britain agreed to cut emissions of nitrogen oxide from power stations.

2 . [uncountable] the act of sending out light, heat, gas etc

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■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + emissions

▪ harmful emissions (=likely to cause harm to people or the environment)

The law is designed to limit harmful emissions.

▪ toxic emissions (=poisonous)

By the end of the decade we could reduce toxic emissions by half.

▪ noxious emissions (=harmful and poisonous)

The air is a toxic cocktail of exhaust fumes and noxious emissions from nearby factories.

▪ vehicle emissions (=from cars, lorries etc)

California has introduced tough new standards for vehicle emissions.

▪ industrial emissions (=from factories)

The trees are being killed by acid rain and other industrial emissions.

▪ sulphur dioxide/carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas etc emissions

The treaty calls for a 30% reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions.

■ verbs

▪ cut/reduce emissions

an agreement to cut emissions of gases which contribute to global warming

▪ control/limit emissions

The measures to control carbon dioxide emissions do not go far enough.

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