Meaning of EMISSION in English

ēˈmishən, ə̇ˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin emission-, emissio, from emissus + -ion-, -io -ion

1. obsolete : an act of sending forth (as on a mission)


a. : an act or instance or emitting (as heat or light) : emanation

the emission of the sun's rays

slow emission of warmth from a banked fire

b. : a putting into circulation (as of a coinage)

the emission of bank notes unbacked by specie

c. archaic : publication especially of a writing

d. : a flow of electrons out of the heated filament or cathode of an electron tube


a. : something that is sent forth by or as if by emitting : a discharge especially of electrons


(1) : a discharge of fluid from the living body

(2) : ejaculate 1 — called also emissio seminis

c. : effluvium , emanation

any emission from the person of the medium such as ectoplasm or odor

an evil-smelling sticky emission from the cut surface

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