Meaning of JORDAN in English


I. Jordan, Bar ‧ ba ‧ ra /ˈbɑːb ə rə $ ˈbɑːr-/ BrE AmE

(1936–1996) the first African-American woman from the South to become a Congresswoman in the House of Representatives, in 1972

II. Jordan, Michael BrE AmE

(1963–) a US ↑ basketball player who was considered to be the best player of the 1980s and 1990s, helping his Chicago Bulls team win five ↑ NBA ↑ championship s . He was often known as ‘Air Jordan’ because he jumped very high when he ↑ score d points. He was also known to be one of the most highly-paid sports players in the world. In 1997 he appeared in the film Space Jam with the ↑ cartoon character Bugs Bunny. He ↑ retire d from basketball in 1999.

III. Jor ‧ dan 1 /ˈdʒɔːd ə n $ ˈdʒɔːr-/ BrE AmE

an Arab country in the Middle East, which is surrounded by Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Capital: Amman. Population: 6,198,677 (2008). Before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the country was divided by the River Jordan, which runs from the north to the south, into the West Bank and the East Bank. Since 1967 the West Bank has been ruled by Israel. ⇨ ↑ Petra , ↑ West Bank

—Jordanian /dʒɔːˈdeɪniən $ dʒɔːr-/ noun , adjective

IV. Jordan 2 BrE AmE

a river in Israel and Jordan, which flows into the Dead Sea. It is often mentioned in the Bible, and was the river in which John the Baptist baptized (↑ baptize ) Jesus.

V. Jordan 3 BrE AmE

(1978-) a British ↑ topless model who is known for having very large breasts because of ↑ silicone implant s . She often appears in magazines and on television in Britain. In 2004, she started to use her real name, Katie Price. She is married to the ↑ pop singer Peter Andre.

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