Meaning of JORDAN in English


I. ˈjȯrd ə n, ˈjȯ(ə)d- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English (also, a vessel used by physicians and alchemists), probably from the river Jordan in Palestine; perhaps from medieval pilgrims' bringing water from the Jordan back to England

dialect Britain : chamber pot

II. “, southern US often ˈjərd- or ˈjə̄d- or ˈjəid- adjective

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: from Jordan, country in southwestern Asia

: of or from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan : of the kind or style prevalent in Jordan : jordanian

III. noun

also jordan engine or jordan refiner

( -s )

Usage: sometimes capitalized J

Etymology: after Joseph Jordan, 19th century American inventor

: a machine for refining paper pulp that consists of a stationary hollow cone having projecting knives on its interior surface and fitting over a rapidly rotating adjustable cone having similar knives on its outside surface

IV. transitive verb

( jordaned also jordanned ; jordaned also jordanned ; jordaning also jordanning -d ə niŋ ; jordans )

: to refine in a jordan

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