Meaning of MANAGER in English

man ‧ ag ‧ er S1 W1 /ˈmænɪdʒə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ management , ↑ manager , ↑ manageability , ↑ manageress ; adjective : ↑ manageable ≠ ↑ unmanageable , ↑ managerial ; verb : ↑ manage ]

1 . someone whose job is to manage part or all of a company or other organization

bank/sales/project etc manager

She’s now assistant marketing manager for the south east area.

one of our regional managers

manager of

the general manager of Chevrolet

a middle manager in a computer company (=someone who manages a small part of a company)

⇨ ↑ line manager

2 . someone who is in charge of training and organizing a sports team:

the new England manager

manager of

the manager of Lazio

3 . someone who is in charge of the business affairs of a singer, an actor etc

• • •


▪ boss the person who is in charge of you at work. Boss sounds rather informal. The usual word to use in more formal English is manager :

Does your boss know you're looking for another job?

▪ manager the person in charge of a business such as a shop, a bank, or a hotel, or of a part of a business:

I'd like to speak to the hotel manager.


the sales manager


the manager of an Italian restaurant

▪ head the person who is in charge of an organization or a department within that organization:

the head of the CIA


My wife's head of the French department at the university.


He was the former head of the American Cancer Society.

▪ chief the most important person or one of the most important people in an organization such as the police, the fire department, or the army:

the chief of police


police/army/fire chiefs


Health chiefs have secured cash to build two new hospitals.

▪ president especially American English the person who is in charge of a large company or a department within a company:

the president of CBS news


Angry shareholders called for the resignation of the company president.

▪ managing director British English the person who is in charge of the daily management of a company or organization:

He's the managing director of a small printing firm.

▪ chief executive ( also chief executive officer, CEO ) the person who is in charge of the daily management of a company:

the CEO of General Motors


Universal Studios is looking for a new chief executive.

▪ supervisor someone who is in charge of a group of workers, whose job is to make sure that the workers do what the manager wants:

He was employed as a warehouse supervisor.

▪ line manager the manager who is directly in charge of you in a company:

If you want to take a holiday, first ask your line manager.

▪ report to somebody if you report to someone in a company, that person is directly in charge of you:

Jan is based in Birmingham and reports to the Head of Marketing.

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