Meaning of MANAGER in English

ˈmanijə(r), -nēj- noun

( -s )

: one that manages : a person that conducts, directs, or supervises something: as

a. : one that conducts business or household affairs with discreet frugality and care

a very good manager , able to make a little go a long way

b. : a member of a small group of a legislative body (as a house of the British Parliament) appointed to perform some special duty

c. : a person whose work or profession is the management of a specified thing (as a business, an institution, or a particular phase or activity within a business or institution)

d. : a receiver appointed under English law by a court of equity to carry on under the court's control a business for the benefit of creditors or other beneficiaries


(1) : a person that in various professional sports (as baseball or boxing) is in overall charge of a team or athlete

(2) : a student or other person that in collegiate sports supervises equipment and records under the direction of a coach

f. : a person appointed by elected officials to supervise the activities of a civic corporate body — see city manager

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