Meaning of SLOT in English

I. slot 1 /slɒt $ slɑːt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: esclot 'hollow place in the bone in the middle of the chest' ]

1 . a long narrow hole in a surface, that you can put something into:

Alan dropped another quarter into the slot on the pay phone.

2 . a short period of time allowed for one particular event on a programme or ↑ timetable :

a ten-minute slot on the breakfast show

landing slots at Heathrow Airport

A new comedy is scheduled for the 9 pm time slot.

• • •


▪ hole an empty space in the surface of something, which sometimes goes all the way through it:

A fox had dug a hole under our fence.


Rain was coming in through a hole in the roof.

▪ space an empty area between two things, into which you can put something:

Are there any empty spaces on the bookshelf?


a parking space

▪ gap an empty area between two things or two parts of something, especially one that should not be there:

He has a gap between his two front teeth.


I squeezed through a gap in the hedge.

▪ opening a hole that something can pass through or that you can see through, especially at the entrance of something:

The train disappeared into the dark opening of the tunnel.


I looked through the narrow opening in the wall.

▪ leak a small hole where something has been damaged or broken that lets liquid or gas flow in or out:

a leak in the pipe


The plumber's coming to repair the leak.

▪ puncture especially British English a small hole in a tyre through which air escapes:

My bike's got a puncture.

▪ crack a very narrow space between two things or two parts of something:

The snake slid into a crack in the rock.


She was peering through the crack in the curtains.

▪ slot a straight narrow hole that you put a particular type of object into:

You have to put a coin in the slot before you dial the number.


A small disk fits into a slot in the camera.

▪ crater a round hole in the ground made by an explosion or by a large object hitting it hard:

a volcanic crater


The meteor left a crater over five miles wide.


the craters on the moon

II. slot 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle slotted , present participle slotting ) [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]

to go into a slot, or to put something in a slot

slot something into something

Mary slotted a cassette into the VCR.

slot into

Each length of board slots easily into the next.

All the wood parts come pre-cut so that they can be slotted together (=put together using slots) .

slot in phrasal verb British English informal

to fit something or someone into a plan, organization etc, or to fit in:

Stewart has slotted in well.

slot somebody/something ↔ in

We should be able to slot the meeting in before lunch.

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