Meaning of SLOT in English


1. n. & v.


1. a slit or other aperture in a machine etc. for something (esp. a coin) to be inserted.

2 a slit, groove, channel, or long aperture into which something fits or in which something works.

3 an allotted place in an arrangement or scheme, esp. in a broadcasting schedule.

--v. (slotted, slotting)

1. tr. & intr. place or be placed into or as if into a slot.

2 tr. provide with a slot or slots.

Phrases and idioms:

slot-machine a machine worked by the insertion of a coin, esp.:

1. one for automatic retail of small articles.

2 one allowing a spell of play at a pin-table etc.

3 US fruit machine.

Etymology: ME, hollow of the breast, f. OF esclot, of unkn. orig. 2. n.1 the track of a deer etc. esp. as shown by footprints.

2 a deer's foot.

Etymology: OF esclot hoof-print of a horse, prob. f. ON sl{oacute}th trail: cf. SLEUTH

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