Meaning of SLOT in English

I. ˈslät, usu -äd.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle Dutch; akin to Old Frisian & Old Norse slot lock, bolt, Old High German sloz lock, bolt, sliozan to lock, close — more at close

1. dialect England : a bolt or bar for fastening a door

2. dialect England : slat

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French esclot

1. chiefly Scotland : a hollow or depression ; specifically : the hollow running down the middle of the breast


a. : a long and narrow opening or groove : slit , notch

deliver mail through a slot in a door

the musket slots in the fort's hand-hewn walls — J.H.Cutler

information is coded by cutting slots between adjacent vertical perforations — H.C.Zeisig & P.T.Martin

spanner wrenches are made with one or two pins to fit into the holes or slots of nuts, collars, sealing rings — T.G.Thompson & R.A.Peterson

a coin slot in a vending machine

b. : a narrow passage, enclosure, or space

a slot between islands

they sat close together … in their slot between the stacked, rattling ration boxes — Fred Majdalany

: a small open compartment : pigeonhole

c. : a passage of spanwise extent through an airplane wing located usually near the leading edge and formed between a main and an auxiliary airfoil for improving the flow conditions over the wing at high angles of attack and thus increasing lift and delaying the stalling of the wing

3. : a depression in the surface of an armature or stator of a dynamo-electric machine into which a portion of the winding is placed


a. : a place or a position in an organization, series, sequence, list, or program : niche

athletes for athletic slots on college teams — A.E.Lumley

the chairman's slot

her name was switched to the “contributing editors” slot on the masthead — Time

a TV show in the seven-o'clock slot

b. : the dealer's position in a gambling game


(1) : the position occupied by the copy editor on the inside of a horseshoe-shaped copydesk — compare rim

(2) : the position of copy editor

5. slang : slot machine

III. transitive verb

( slotted ; slotted ; slotting ; slots )

1. : to cut a slot in : cut or shape by means of a slotting machine

abrasive wheel … for cutting off or slotting any material — K.B.Lewis

2. : to provide with slots

the walls of the convent … were slotted for machine guns — Laurence Critchell

a slotted collar

3. : to pass through a slot

velvet ribbon slotted through strands of wool — Women's Wear Daily

: put into a slot

IV. noun

( plural slot )

Etymology: Middle French esclot horse's hoofprint, track, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse slōth track

1. : the track of an animal (as a deer)

2. : trail

V. transitive verb

: to follow the trail of : track

VI. noun

1. : a gap between an end and a tackle in an offensive line in football

2. : the area directly in front of the goal in ice hockey

scored on a shot from the slot

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