Meaning of TIMBER in English


tim ‧ ber /ˈtɪmbə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: 'building, wood' ]

1 . [uncountable] British English wood used for building or making things SYN lumber American English :

a bench made of timber

2 . [uncountable] trees that produce wood used for building or making things:

the timber trade

3 . [countable] a wooden beam, especially one that forms part of the main structure of a house

4 . timber! spoken used to warn people that a tree being cut down is about to fall

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■ material from trees

▪ wood noun [uncountable and countable] the usual word for the hard material that trees are made of:

They were chopping wood for the fire.


The doors are made of solid wood.


wood flooring

▪ timber British English , lumber American English noun [uncountable] wood used for building and making things:

a timber company


softwood lumber

▪ hardwood noun [uncountable and countable] strong heavy wood from trees such as oak:

hardwood floors


hardwoods such as teak

▪ softwood noun [uncountable and countable] wood from trees such as pine and fir that is cheap and easy to cut:

Most tables are made from softwood.

▪ firewood noun [uncountable] wood that has been cut or collected in order to be burned in a fire:

They collected branches that could be used for firewood.

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