Meaning of TIMBER in English


— timberless , adj. — timbery , adj.

/tim"beuhr/ , n.

1. the wood of growing trees suitable for structural uses.

2. growing trees themselves.

3. wooded land.

4. wood, esp. when suitable or adapted for various building purposes.

5. a single piece of wood forming part of a structure or the like: A timber fell from the roof.

6. Naut. (in a ship's frame) one of the curved pieces of wood that spring upward and outward from the keel; rib.

7. personal character or quality: He's being talked up as presidential timber.

8. Sports. a wooden hurdle, as a gate or fence, over which a horse must jump in equestrian sports.


9. to furnish with timber.

10. to support with timber.


11. to fell timber, esp. as an occupation.


12. a lumberjack's call to warn those in the vicinity that a cut tree is about to fall to the ground.

[ bef. 900; ME, OE: orig., house, building material; c. G Zimmer room, ON timbr timber; akin to Goth timrjan, Gk démein to build. See DOME ]

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