Meaning of WESTERN in English


I. west ‧ ern 1 S2 W2 BrE AmE , Western /ˈwestən $ -ərn/ adjective ( written abbreviation W )

[ Word Family: adjective : ↑ west , ↑ westerly , ↑ western , ↑ westbound , ↑ westernized , ↑ westward ; noun : ↑ west , ↑ western , westerner, ↑ westerly , ↑ westernization ; adverb : ↑ west , westward(s); verb : ↑ westernize ]

1 . in or from the west of a country or area:

the western end of the bay

Western Australia

2 . relating to ideas and ways of doing things that come from Europe and the Americas:

Western philosophies

⇨ ↑ country and western

II. western 2 BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Word Family: adjective : ↑ west , ↑ westerly , ↑ western , ↑ westbound , ↑ westernized , ↑ westward ; noun : ↑ west , ↑ western , westerner, ↑ westerly , ↑ westernization ; adverb : ↑ west , westward(s); verb : ↑ westernize ]

a film about life in the 19th century in the American West, especially the lives of ↑ cowboy s

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▪ film especially British English , movie especially American English a series of images that tell a story and are shown in a cinema or on television:

What’s your favourite movie?


It won the award for best foreign film.


a made-for-TV movie

▪ motion picture formal ( also picture ) a film – used especially by people who make films or by critics:

a major Hollywood motion picture


Tell us about your latest picture.

▪ blockbuster informal a very successful film:

Steven Spielberg’s latest Hollywood blockbuster

▪ flick informal a film – a very informal use:

an action flick

▪ documentary a film that gives detailed information and facts about a particular subject:

a documentary on the rain forest

▪ feature film a film made to be shown in cinemas:

The book was later made into a full-length feature film starring Sean Penn.

▪ comedy a film intended to make people laugh:

Monroe appeared in a number of comedies.

▪ romantic comedy ( also romcom British English informal ) a film about two people who are in love, which is intended to make the people who watch it feel happy:

‘Notting Hill’ is a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

▪ thriller an exciting film, especially about murder or serious crimes:

‘The Birds’ is a classic Hitchcock thriller.

▪ film noir a film that shows strong feelings of fear or evil and whose characters are often immoral, or these films in general:

‘The Big Sleep’ is a classic Hollywood film noir.

▪ action film/movie a film that has lots of fighting, explosions etc:

Stallone’s latest action movie

▪ horror film/movie a frightening film about ghosts, murders etc:

She loves watching old horror movies.

▪ western a film with cowboys in it:

John Wayne is famous for making westerns.

▪ science fiction film/movie ( also sci-fi film/movie informal ) a film about imaginary events in the future or in outer space:

‘2001’ is probably the most famous sci-fi movie ever made.

▪ gangster film/movie a film about violent criminals

▪ silent film/movie an old film without any sound:

The 1920s were the golden age of silent movies.

▪ an independent film/movie a film made by a small film company

▪ animated film/movie/cartoon a film with characters that are drawn or made using a computer:

One of his first animated films was ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.

▪ anime /ˈænɪmeɪ, -mə/ a type of Japanese animated film, which often has a science fiction story:

Miyazaki’s anime film ‘Spirited Away’ became an international success.


an anime character

▪ CGI the use of computers to create characters and images in a film:

The film uses CGI.


Disney’s latest CGI movie

▪ short a short film, usually shown before a longer movie in the cinema:

an animated short

▪ trailer a series of short scenes from a film or programme, shown in order to advertise it in a cinema, on television etc:

We had to sit through all the trailers.

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