Meaning of KEEL in English


I. verb Etymology: Middle English kelen, from Old English cēlan, from cōl cool Date: before 12th century cool , II. noun Etymology: Middle English kele, from Middle Dutch kiel; akin to Old English cēol ship Date: 14th century a flat-bottomed barge used especially on the Tyne to carry coal, III. noun see: glutton Date: 14th century 1. the chief structural member of a boat or ship that extends longitudinally along the center of its bottom and that often projects from the bottom, ship , a projection suggesting a ~, ~ed adjective ~less adjective IV. intransitive verb Date: 1832 to fall in or as if in a faint, to heel or lean precariously, V. noun Etymology: Middle English (Scots) keyle Date: 15th century red ocher

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