Meaning of KEEL in English


keel 1

— keeled , adj.

/keel/ , n.

1. Naut. a central fore-and-aft structural member in the bottom of a hull, extending from the stem to the sternpost and having the floors or frames attached to it, usually at right angles: sometimes projecting from the bottom of the hull to provide stability.

2. Literary. a ship or boat.

3. a part corresponding to a ship's keel in some other structure, as in a dirigible balloon.

4. ( cap. ) Astron. the constellation Carina.

5. Bot. , Zool. a longitudinal ridge, as on a leaf or bone; a carina.

6. Also called brace molding . Archit. a projecting molding the profile of which consists of two ogees symmetrically disposed about an arris or fillet.

7. on an even keel , in a state of balance; steady; steadily: The affairs of state are seldom on an even keel for long.

v.t. , v.i.

8. to turn or upset so as to bring the wrong side or part uppermost.

9. keel over ,

a. to capsize or overturn.

b. to fall as in a faint: Several cadets keeled over from the heat during the parade.

[ 1325-75; 1895-1900 for def. 9; ME kele kjolr; c. OE ceol keel, ship; see KEEL 2 ]

keel 2

/keel/ , n. Brit. Dial.

1. keelboat.

2. a keelboat load of coal; the amount of coal carried by one keelboat.

3. a measure of coal equivalent to 21 long tons and 4 hundredweight (21.5 metric tons).

[ 1375-1425; late ME kele kiel ship; c. OE ceol ship, G kiel ship (obs.), KEEL 1 ]

keel 3

/keel/ , v.t. Brit. Dial.

to cool, esp. by stirring.

[ bef. 900; ME kelen, OE celan to be cool; akin to COOL ]

keel 4

/keel/ , n.

a red ocher stain used for marking sheep, lumber, etc.; ruddle.

[ 1475-85; earlier keyle (north and Scots dial.); cf. ScotGael cìl (itself perh. ]

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