Meaning of LEVEL in English

I. noun Etymology: Middle English, plumb line, from Anglo-French livel, from Vulgar Latin *libellum, alteration of Latin libella, from diminutive of libra weight, balance Date: 14th century a device for establishing a horizontal line or plane by means of a bubble in a liquid that shows adjustment to the horizontal by movement to the center of a slightly bowed glass tube, a measurement of the difference of altitude of two points by means of a ~, horizontal condition, 4. an approximately horizontal line or surface taken as an index of altitude, a practically horizontal surface or area (as of land), a position in a scale or rank (as of achievement, significance, or value) , 6. a line or surface that cuts perpendicularly all plumb lines that it meets and hence would everywhere coincide with a surface of still water, the plane of the horizon or a line in it, a horizontal passage in a mine intended for regular working and transportation, a concentration of a constituent especially of a body fluid (as blood), the magnitude of a quantity considered in relation to an arbitrary reference value, II. verb (-eled or -elled; -eling or ~ling) Date: 15th century transitive verb to make (a line or surface) horizontal ; make flat or ~ , 2. to bring to a horizontal aiming position, aim , direct , to bring to a common ~ or plane ; equalize , 4. to lay ~ with or as if with the ground ; raze , to knock down , to make (as color) even or uniform, to find the heights of different points in (a piece of land) especially with a surveyor's ~, intransitive verb to attain or come to a ~ , to aim a gun or other weapon horizontally, to bring persons or things to a ~, to deal frankly and openly, III. adjective Date: 15th century 1. having no part higher than another ; conforming to the curvature of the liquid parts of the earth's surface, parallel with the plane of the horizon ; horizontal , 2. even or unvarying in height, equal in advantage, progression, or standing, proceeding monotonously or uneventfully, d. steady , unwavering , calm , unexcited , reasonable , balanced , distributed evenly , being a surface perpendicular to all lines of force in a field of force ; equipotential , suited to a particular rank or plane of ability or achievement , of or relating to the spreading out of a cost or charge in even payments over a period of time, ~ly adverb ~ness noun Synonyms: see: ~

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