Meaning of SHOULDER in English


I. noun Etymology: Middle English sholder, from Old English sculdor; akin to Old High German scultra ~ Date: before 12th century 1. the laterally projecting part of the human body formed of the bones and joints with their covering tissue by which the arm is connected with the trunk, the region of the body of nonhuman vertebrates that corresponds to the ~ but is less projecting, 2. the two ~s and the upper part of the back, capacity for bearing a task or blame , a cut of meat including the upper joint of the foreleg and adjacent parts, the part of a garment at the wearer's ~, an area adjacent to or along the edge of a higher, more prominent, or more important part: as, a. the part of a hill or mountain near the top, a lateral protrusion or extension of a hill or mountain, either edge of a roadway, a rounded or sloping part (as of a stringed instrument or a bottle) where the neck joins the body, ~ed adjective II. verb (~ed; ~ing) Date: 14th century transitive verb to push or thrust with or as if with the ~ ; jostle , 2. to place or bear on the ~ , to assume the burden or responsibility of , intransitive verb to push with or as if with the ~s aggressively

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