Meaning of TABLE in English

I. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English, from Old English tabule & Anglo-French ~; both from Latin tabula board, ~t, list Date: before 12th century ~t 1a, 2. backgammon , one of the two leaves of a backgammon board or either half of a leaf, 3. a piece of furniture consisting of a smooth flat slab fixed on legs, b. a supply or source of food, an act or instance of assembling to eat ; meal , c. a group of people assembled at or as if at a ~, a legislative or negotiating session , stringcourse , 5. a systematic arrangement of data usually in rows and columns for ready reference, a condensed enumeration ; list , something that resembles a ~ especially in having a plane surface: as, the upper flat surface of a cut precious stone, b. ~land , a horizontal stratum, II. transitive verb (~d; tabling) Date: 15th century to enter in a ~, 2. to place on the agenda, to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration indefinitely, to put on a ~, III. adjective Date: 1547 sui~ for a ~ or for use at a ~ , sui~ for serving at a ~ , proper for conduct at a ~

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