Meaning of ACE in English


Pronunciation: ' ā s

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English as, from Anglo-French, from Latin, unit, a copper coin

Date: 14th century

1 a : a die face marked with one spot b : a playing card marked in its center with one pip c : a domino end marked with one spot

2 : a very small amount or degree : PARTICLE

3 : a point scored especially on a service (as in tennis or handball) that an opponent fails to touch

4 : a golf score of one stroke on a hole also : a hole made in one stroke

5 : a combat pilot who has brought down at least five enemy airplanes

6 a : a person who excels at something <a computer ace > b : the best pitcher on a baseball team <the ace of the staff>

– ace in the hole

1 : an ace dealt face down to a player (as in stud poker) and not exposed until the showdown

2 : an effective and decisive argument or resource held in reserve

– within an ace of : on the point of : very near to <came within an ace of winning>

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