Meaning of ACE in English


/ eɪs; NAmE / noun , adjective

■ noun


a playing card with a large single symbol on it, which has either the highest or the lowest value in a particular card game :

the ace of spades / hearts / diamonds / clubs


( informal ) a person who is very good at doing sth :

a soccer / flying ace

an ace marksman


( in tennis ) a serve (= the first hit) that is so good that your opponent cannot reach the ball :

He served 20 aces in the match.


- an ace up your sleeve

- hold all the aces

- play your ace

- within an ace of sth / of doing sth

■ adjective

( informal ) very good :

We had an ace time.



Middle English (denoting the “one” on dice): via Old French from Latin as unity, a unit.

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