Meaning of ACE in English

I. ˈās noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English as, from Old French, from Latin ass-, as unity, unit, copper coin; akin to Latin asser beam, pole, stake, assis board, plank


a. : a die face marked with one spot

b. : a playing card marked in its center with one large pip and usually having the index A in its corners

c. : such a card ranking highest in its suit

d. : a domino end marked with one spot — usually used in compounds

double- ace

ace -blank

e. aces plural

(1) : a throw of 2 in craps

(2) : a pair of aces in poker ; also : three aces — used in the phrase aces full

(3) : honors in no-trump

easy aces

150 aces

(4) : one ace of each suit in pinochle

2. : a very small amount or degree : particle , bit

I'll not wag an ace further — John Dryden

3. : a score won by a single stroke ; specifically : a point (as in tennis or handball) scored on a shot (as a service) that an opponent fails to touch

4. : a score in golf of one stroke on a hole or a hole made in one stroke

5. : an airplane combat pilot who has brought down at least five enemy airplanes


a. : a person who excels at something

a football ace

b. : an important or outstanding thing or event

speed is the ace of air transport — Forum

- within an ace of

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to score an ace against (an opponent)

2. : to make (a hole in golf) in one stroke

III. adjective

: of first or high rank or quality : outstanding

an ace reporter

IV. transitive verb

1. : to defeat, displace, or dispose of : gain a decisive advantage over — usually used with out

2. : to earn the grade of A on (an examination)

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