Meaning of ANALYSIS in English


Pronunciation: ə - ' na-l ə -s ə s

Function: noun

Inflected Form: plural -y · ses \ - ˌ s ē z \

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek, from analyein to break up, from ana- + lyein to loosen ― more at LOSE

Date: 1581

1 : separation of a whole into its component parts

2 a : the identification or separation of ingredients of a substance b : a statement of the constituents of a mixture

3 a : proof of a mathematical proposition by assuming the result and deducing a valid statement by a series of reversible steps b (1) : a branch of mathematics concerned mainly with limits, continuity, and infinite series (2) : CALCULUS 1B

4 a : an examination of a complex, its elements, and their relations b : a statement of such an analysis

5 a : a method in philosophy of resolving complex expressions into simpler or more basic ones b : clarification of an expression by an elucidation of its use in discourse

6 : the use of function words instead of inflectional forms as a characteristic device of a language


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