Meaning of COLLAR in English


Pronunciation: ' kä-l ə r

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English coler, from Anglo-French, from Latin collare, from collum neck; akin to Old English heals neck, and probably to Old English hw ē ol wheel ― more at WHEEL

Date: 14th century

1 : a band, strip, or chain worn around the neck: as a : a band that serves to finish or decorate the neckline of a garment b : a short necklace c : a band placed about the neck of an animal d : a part of the harness of draft animals fitted over the shoulders and taking strain when a load is drawn e : an indication of control : a token of subservience f : a protective or supportive device (as a brace or cast) worn around the neck g : CLERICAL COLLAR

2 : something resembling a collar in shape or use (as a ring or round flange to restrain motion or hold something in place)

3 : any of various animal structures or markings similar to a collar

4 : an act of collaring : ARREST , CAPTURE

– col · lared \ -l ə rd \ adjective

– col · lar · less \ -l ə r-l ə s \ adjective

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