Meaning of COLLAR in English

I. ˈkälə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English coller, coler, from Old French coler, colier necklace, collar, from Latin collare, from collum neck; akin to Old English heals neck, Old High German, Old Norse, & Gothic hals neck, Old English hwēol wheel — more at wheel

1. : a band, strip, or chain worn or placed around the neck: as

a. obsolete : neck armor : a hauberk neckpiece

b. : an attached or separate band that varies in shape and size and serves to finish or decorate the neckline of a garment or costume — see ruff , shawl collar , wing collar

c. : a short necklace : an ornamental band or chain

d. : a band placed around the neck of a dog, cat, or other animal to lead, restrain, identify, or adorn

e. : a part of the harness of draft animals fitted over the shoulders and taking the strain when a load is being drawn

f. : a band often of iron placed around a prisoner's or slave's neck to confine or identify

g. : an ornament or badge (as a necklace) used as an insignia of an order of knighthood

h. : an indication of control : a token that another is subservient to one

an independent refusing to wear any man's collar

i. : a bandage, brace, cast, or other protecting or supporting device worn around the neck

2. : an encircling band, strap, or ring to check, guide, guard, or adorn: as

a. : an eye in the bight or end of a stay or shroud to go over the masthead

b. : a strap or grommet to secure a heart or deadeye

c. : a filler plate or shape fitted around a structural shape (as an angle or beam) passing through a bulkhead or deck

d. : a ring or round flange upon, around, or against an object chiefly to restrain motion within given limits, to hold something in place, or to cover an opening (as on a shaft to prevent endwise motion or around a pipe where it enters a wall)


(1) : a curb around the mouth of a mine shaft : the immediate vicinity of the mouth of a shaft

(2) : the rock surrounding the mouth of a drill hole

f. : a piece of leather, fur, or fabric stitched around the top of a shoe or boot upper usually for ornament — compare cuff ; see shoe illustration

g. : a ring on a coining press confining a planchet while it is being struck and impressing a milling or edge lettering

h. : a narrow molding near the top or bottom of the leg of a piece of furniture


a. Britain : a piece of meat or fish rolled or coiled and tied close

b. zoology : any of various structures or markings likened to a collar: as

(1) : a band of specially colored feathers about a bird's neck

(2) : the prothorax of an insect especially when lengthened, narrowed, or specially modified

(3) : the choana of a choanocyte or a choanate flagellate


(1) : ring , cincture

(2) : a necking in certain orders (as the classic Tuscan)

(3) : collar beam


(1) : collet I 3

(2) : the annulus of a mushroom

(3) : a ringlike mass of tissue around the base of the ovule in ginkgo

e. : an abrupt increase in the thickness of the rim of a pottery vessel or a change of direction in the vessel wall that serves to set off a band near the top

f. : the layer of foam on top of a glass of beer

g. : a band of rocks encircling rocks of another kind of or different structure

a collar of sedimentary rock

4. : an act of collaring : arrest , capture

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb


a. : to seize by the collar or neck : obtain a hold on the neck of

a wrestler collaring an opponent

b. : capture , tackle , nab

to dart among the crowd and collar the delinquent — Sheridan Le Fanu

c. : to attain to forceful possession of : grasp , grab

the circle broke up, each collaring his own jug — Thomas Hughes

d. : to take or gain possession or control especially of what is not rightfully one's own

collar his partner's share of the profits

e. : to stop or corner and detain in unwilling conversation

collar the guest of honor

f. : to draw up to and pass

the favorite collared the tiring longshot in the stretch


a. : to put a collar on : adorn with a collar

collar a coat

: form a collar around

b. : to fasten a collar on (an animal)

3. : to roll up and tie (meat or fish) for cooking ; specifically : to roll up and fit into a mold and cook with herbs and spices

collared eels

intransitive verb

: to wind around a roll instead of moving straight through — used of a steel bar in a rolling mill

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