Meaning of COLLAR in English

/ ˈkɒlə(r); NAmE ˈkɑːl-/ noun , verb

■ noun


the part around the neck of a shirt, jacket or coat that usually folds down :

a coat with a fur collar

I turned up my collar against the wind (= to keep warm) .

He always wears a collar and tie for work.

—picture at blouse

—see also blue-collar , dog collar , white-collar , wing collar


a band of leather or plastic put around the neck of an animal, especially a dog :

a collar and lead / leash


( technical ) a band made of a strong material that is put round sth, such as a pipe or a piece of machinery, to make it stronger or to join two parts together


see hot adjective

■ verb [ vn ] ( informal )


to capture sb and hold them tightly so that they cannot escape from you :

Police collared the culprit as he was leaving the premises.


to stop sb in order to talk to them :

I was collared in the street by a woman doing a survey.



Middle English : from Old French colier , from Latin collare band for the neck, collar, from collum neck.

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