Meaning of DISK in English



Variant: or disc

Pronunciation: ' disk

Function: noun

Usage: often attrib

Etymology: Latin discus ― more at DISH

Date: 1664

1 a : the seemingly flat figure of a celestial body <the solar disk > b archaic : DISCUS

2 : any of various rounded and flattened animal anatomical structures especially : INTERVERTEBRAL DISK ― compare SLIPPED DISK

3 : the central part of the flower head of a typical composite made up of closely packed tubular flowers

4 : a thin circular object: as a usually discovered : a phonograph record b : a round flat plate coated with a magnetic substance on which data for a computer is stored c usually discovered : OPTICAL DISK : as (1) : VIDEODISC (2) : CD

5 usually discovered : one of the concave circular steel tools with sharpened edge making up the working part of a disc harrow or plow also : an implement employing such tools

– disk · like \ - ˌ l ī k \ adjective

disk 3 D

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