Meaning of DISK in English

I. noun

or disc ˈdisk

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Latin discus dish, disk, quoit — more at dish

1. archaic : discus 1

2. : the seemingly flat figure or image of a celestial body as it appears in the heavens

3. : any of several more or less rounded and flattened plant structures: as

a. : the central portion of the flower head of a typical composite composed of closely packed tubular flowers — see discoid

b. usually disc : an enlargement of the torus surrounding, beneath, or above the pistil of some flowers

c. : the curved spore-bearing surface of an apothecium ; also : the central upper portion of the pileus of a mushroom

d. : one of the adhesive circular enlargements at the ends of the tendrils in the Virginia creeper, Boston ivy, and similar plants by which they climb flat surfaces ; also : any similar adhesive surface (as the base of a pollinium)

4. : any of various rounded and flattened animal anatomical structures: as

a. : the flattened circumoral part of a coelenterate (as a sea anemone)

b. usually disc : the body of an echinoderm

c. : the area of modified plumage surrounding the eye of an owl

d. : a mammalian red blood cell

e. : optic disk

f. : intervertebral disk

5. : a thin circular object

a metal disk


a. : discoidal

b. : a round dish used in the Eastern Orthodox Church to hold the host

c. : a small tablet with glycerogelatin base used in eye medication ; also : a small medicated mass of sugar and egg albumen used in homeopathic practice

d. : puck III 2a

e. : one of the circular wooden pieces used in shuffleboard

f. usually disc : a phonograph record

6. : a rotating abrasive device used in dentistry

7. : a circular symbol used by ancient Egyptians to represent the sun

8. usually disc : one of the concave circular hardened steel tools with sharpened edge that make up the working part of a disc harrow or plow ; often : an implement employing such tools : disc harrow , disc plow

9. usually disc : a small flat woman's hat of oval shape usually worn forward on the head

II. transitive verb

or disc “

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. : to cultivate with a disc harrow or disc cultivator

2. usually disc : to record on a phonograph disc

III. noun

or disc

1. : a round flat plate (as of metal) coated with a magnetic substance on which data for a computer can be stored — called also magnetic disk

2. : a circular grid in a photocomposer


a. : optical disk herein

b. : compact disc herein

c. : videodisc herein

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