Meaning of OFF in English


adj. off one's gourd

off plumb

back off

off base

off the bat

off one's own bat

beat the pants off

beat off

beg off

better off

bind off

bite off more than one can chew

blast off

blow off steam

blow off

book off

break off

bring off

brush off

bugger off

bug off

bump off

burn off

buy off

call off

off camera

carry off

cast off

change off

charge off

check off

cheesed off

chip off the old block

choke off

clear off

come off it

come off

cook off

cooling off

cry off

off the cuff

cut off

damping off

die off

draw off

drop off

dust off

off duty

face off

fall off

far off

fire off

first off

flip off

fob off

off one's feet

fuck off

get off

give off

go off

go off the deep end

goof off

off the ground

off guard

off the handle

hand off

hands off

hang off

haul off

off one's head

head off

hit it off

hive off

hold off

off the hook

jack off

jerk off

jumping off place

jumping off point

jump off

kick off

kill off

kiss off

knock one's socks off

knock off

laugh off

lay off

lead off

leave off

level off

lie off

make off

make off with

nod off

off and on

off brand

off Broadway

off color

off colored

off gassing

off hour

off key

off kilter

off label

off limits

off line

off load

off of

off off Broadway

off peak

off price

off putting

off puttingly

off ramp

off road

off roader

off season

off site

off speed

off the books

off the peg

off the rack

off the record

off the shelf

off the wall

off white

off year

on again off again

on and off

one off

palm off

pass off

pawn off

pay off

peel off

pick off

piss off

play off

polish off

pop off

power take off

pull off

push off

put off

rake off

reel off

right off

ring off the hook

ring off

rip off

off one's rocker

roll off

rub off

run off

run off with

sawed off

seal off

sell off

send off

set off

show off

shrug off

shut off

sign off

sod off

sound off

spin off

square off

squeeze off

stand off

stave off

straight off

strike off

sugaring off

sugar off

swear off

sweep one off one's feet

take off

taper off

tap off

off target

teed off

tee off

tell off

throw off

tick off

tip off

off the top of one's head

touch off

trade off

turn off

off the wagon

walk off with

well off

whack off

off the wind

work off

write off

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.