Meaning of QUOTE in English



Pronunciation: ' kw ō t also ' k ō t

Function: verb

Inflected Form: quot · ed ; quot · ing

Etymology: Medieval Latin quotare to mark the number of, number references, from Latin quotus of what number or quantity, from quot how many, (as) many as; akin to Latin qui who ― more at WHO

Date: 1582

transitive verb

1 a : to speak or write (a passage) from another usually with credit acknowledgment b : to repeat a passage from especially in substantiation or illustration c : BORROW 2A < quoting the motifs of past artists>

2 : to cite in illustration < quote cases of similar acts>

3 a : to state (the current price or bid-offer spread) for a commodity, stock, or bond b : to give exact information on

4 : to set off by quotation marks

intransitive verb : to inform a hearer or reader that matter following is quoted

– quot · er noun

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