Meaning of QUOTE in English


I. ˈkwōt also ÷ˈkō-; usu -ōd.+V verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Medieval Latin quotare to divide into chapters by numbers, mark references by numbers, mark the number of, from Latin quotus of what number, how many, from quot how many, as many as; akin to Latin quis who — more at who

transitive verb


a. : to speak or write (a passage) from another's work verbatim and with due acknowledgment or with the supposition that the fact of unoriginality will be apparent

quoting an epigram from the poem

b. : to speak or write a passage from especially in substantiation, illustration, or adornment

quote the Bible

2. : to adduce (material) in illustration

quote instances

quote cases

3. obsolete

a. : to give a reference to : supply a source for

b. : to write down or record

c. : notice , mark



(1) : to name the current price of (a commodity, stock, or bond)

(2) : to name (the current price) of a commodity, stock, or bond

b. : to give (the current bid and asked prices) for a commodity, stock, or bond

5. : to set off (as a written or printed passage) by quotation marks


cite , repeat : quote usually involves a use of another's words, commonly with faithful exactness or an attempt at it, for some special effect like adornment, illustration, close examination

I will quote a passage which is unfamiliar enough to be regarded with fresh attention — T.S.Eliot

cite is likely to stress the idea of adducing, bringing forward, or mentioning for a particular reason, like substantiation or proof, with or without the idea of uttering another's words

the critic cited in the opening of this chapter — F.R.Leavis

repeat stresses the fact of a saying or writing over again of someone else's words; it may suggest lack of the dignified reasons for the procedure attached to quote and cite

unrealistic to go on repeating phrases about the connection of industry with personal independence — John Dewey

II. noun

( -s )

1. : quotation

2. : quotation mark — often used orally to indicate the beginning of a direct quotation

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