Meaning of SECRETARY in English


Pronunciation: ' se-kr ə - ˌ ter- ē , ' se-k ə - ˌ ter-, in rapid speech also ' sek- ˌ ter-, esp Brit ' se-k(r) ə -tr ē

Function: noun

Inflected Form: plural -tar · ies

Etymology: Middle English secretarie, from Medieval Latin secretarius, confidential employee, secretary, from Latin secretum secret, from neuter of secretus

Date: 15th century

1 : one employed to handle correspondence and manage routine and detail work for a superior

2 a : an officer of a business concern who may keep records of directors' and stockholders' meetings and of stock ownership and transfer and help supervise the company's legal interests b : an officer of an organization or society responsible for its records and correspondence

3 : an officer of state who superintends a government administrative department <the secretary of labor>

4 a : WRITING DESK , ESCRITOIRE b : a writing desk with a top section for books

– sec · re · tar · i · al \ ˌ se-kr ə - ' ter- ē - ə l \ adjective

– sec · re · tary · ship \ ' se-kr ə - ˌ ter- ē - ˌ ship \ noun

secretary 4b

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