Meaning of SECRETARY in English

/ ˈsekrətri; NAmE -teri/ noun ( pl. -ies ) ( abbr. Sec. )


a person who works in an office, working for another person, dealing with letters and telephone calls, typing, keeping records, arranging meetings with people, etc. :

a legal / medical secretary

Please contact my secretary to make an appointment.

—see also private secretary


an official of a club, society, etc. who deals with writing letters, keeping records, and making business arrangements :

the membership secretary


Secretary = Secretary of State

—see also Home Secretary , Permanent Undersecretary


( US ) the head of a government department, chosen by the President :

Secretary of the Treasury


(in Britain) an assistant of a government minister, an ambassador , etc.

—see also undersecretary



late Middle English (originally in the sense person entrusted with a secret ): from late Latin secretarius confidential officer, from Latin secretum secret, neuter of secretus separate, set apart, from the verb secernere , from se- apart + cernere sift.

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